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  1. Thanks Ken. I know they e mail you and notify if any are not used 30 days in advance. Brother in law got e mail yesterday on some ending in April 21. I ve just got quite a few that have been applied ,cruise cancelled and reapplied and now canceling again. all now are cash refunds when possible & cwc still fcc. Thanks again
  2. Good Morning; I would like to first for the info you have given on these boards. I have been sailing with Royal since the nineties but now with the Pandemic it's a different ballgame. We have had 19 cruises cancelled since April 20 and have applied many FCC to cruises that now have been cancelled in May , upcoming in July and Aug. Will they reissue new fcc's for the cancelled fcc's? I know if you have a old booking they can check for a fcc but in my case there were so many old bookings and new bookings it is hard to keep track of them. Do you know if there is a Royal section that can
  3. Good morning fellow cruiser. I got the letter also for one of my Mariner in Jan but did not receive any on 5 more they cancelled. I still have 4 in sept and more in April and May but they cancelled 2 five day in Nov, 2 in Jan, one in Feb. They had already had a charter in Jan as I had two back to back before charter and ruled out a additional cruise. Two of the cruises over the fall and winter showed Indy and Mariner in Canaveral the same time. I was wondering who was going to use pier 10 or another and go thru the shuttle madness. Also with the increasing usage of CoCo and think they
  4. 26 now after May cancellations. Bob & Nancy The Villages , Florida
  5. Hi molly361 ; looks like we are not sailing allure in May. We have 4 in may and this makes 16 cancelled for us. Funny thing got a survey for one of our Sept cruises yesterday about restart,covic etc but have one allure in July and two in Aug . and not interested in survey on them. Hope this isn't a sign. Bob & Nancy The Villages, Florida
  6. JUst saw in Blog that all May are cancelled in US.
  7. Have two in March for 4th & 8th. No email yet. suppose to be the 12th.
  8. If you apply and cancel for the CWC you get 100% cruise credits. If Royal cancels you get the 125% FCC even if the next day or can take 100% cash refund,
  9. Hi Cruisers. We checked in on two of our four May cruises the first day available and got the new standard 300 t0 330 time also. W e usually get there around 1030 and book jr. and get on early but looks like the cleaning & new boarding screening changes everything
  10. Just saw on the bottom of the Royal Cancellation info page the CWC has been extended to booking made by April 31,21 Bob
  11. Hi Sherri, JUst read your post and guess will be sailing some together. We have had 12 cancelled and have Allure and three others in May but not feeling real good about them. Will be on allure 5-23, 7-18, 8-1,8-29 and doing 4 BTB in Oct and hope to make Pinnacle on 10-24. Nancy & Bob Villages , Florida
  12. Just saw that you are on end of may. We have allure 5-23. Also hopes she sails as on her7-18, 8-1, 8-29 & doing a 4 BTB from 10-10-21 to 11-6. If no more cancellations will make Pinnacle on the 10-24 cruise. Got 3 BTB on Mariner but not looking to good unless they start the short ones up in early May. Bob & Nancy
  13. Just notice that the Allure has left coco area a day or so ago and sailing north to entrance to Freeport where she has been holding a position off the entrance to the shipyard
  14. Called D+ C&A yesterday and certificates had been issued but not sent out for two days. Resolutions got involved and I got and e mail with all four sets of FCC's for Jan & Feb in 30 minutes ands all dollar amounts. Bob
  15. I called the D+ C&A yesterday and she said credits were generated 2 days ago and hadn't sent any out. Resolutions got involved and I had a e mail with all four sets of FCC and dollar amounts in 30 minutes.They said I would get another in a FEW days from post cruise section whenever they send them out. Bob
  16. Thanks.. Haven't called in so long I forgot where I had it
  17. Thanks Ken Do you don,t have the Diamond Plus / Pinn number by Chance?
  18. Hi Ken we also got the e mail last night as according to Royal the certificates for the cancelled Jan & Feb cruises were to be issued on Jan 15th. Usually we get the printout with the long certificate numbers and the amount but just a generic info. Thanks for any info you can give. Bob & Nancy
  19. Hello fellow Cruisers. I got the e mail last night on info from Future cruise Credits but not the regular FCC with the numbers for each of us and the amounts. We have 4 cancelled cruises due to be issued on Jan 15th and have always got the info . Has anyone got the new round of issued FCC due from Royal on the 15th. Thanks for any info you can share. Bob & Nancy
  20. We had 4 cancelled in Jan & Feb. & 4 earlier in 2020. The next two are Indy 3-4-21 & 3-8-21 which I hope they cancel or we will cancel before March. Loaded up for double points in 2021 so will make Pinnacle on Oct 24th. Our 2021 Indy march 4,8 hopefully they cancel Mariner May 3,7,10 Allure may 23 Allure july 18 Allure Aug 1, 29 Mariner Sept 10,13,17,20 Allure Oct 10,17,24,31 Mariner Nov 15,29 Harmony Dec 12 Jan 22-April 22 seven booked
  21. Hi Cruiser We now have 8 cruises cancelled with the last four being in Jan & feb 21. With our next cruises starting in march 21 we will be Pinnacle on our second back to back of four on Allure in October. Have three more left in nov & Dec 21 just incase any more cancellations. Last year thought we would be dead before reaching the top but doubles did the trick. Have two mariner 5 day in 1-22 & three Allure in Feb 22 so have plenty of Pinnacle insurance. Wishing all Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. Bob & Nancy
  22. Thanks to all for you input. Never thought we would get there but the double did the trick. NANCY & BOB TIM WILL HAVE TO CHECK THE DATES LATER WHEN WE START SAILING AGAIN AND GETS CLOSER.
  23. Good Morning John; Hope you can answer a question on Pinnacle. We will make Pinnacle on Allure in Oct. as on a 4 week Back to back. The normal point addition comes after completion about 7 days later but I thought I had read a few months back that Pinnacle level was recognized the cruise while you are on board. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Nancy & Bob The Villages
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