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  1. We canceled our FTTF. That's why I'm asking.
  2. I'm thinking I'd keep my backpack with my "valuables" but just drop my suitcase. That'd be the same as the crew leaving outside the door (in my mind at least) and I'd have it way sooner. Appreciate the feedback!
  3. That's not true though. They're closed but if you have FTTF or VIP status you just open them up.
  4. I know that once I board the stateroom won't be ready. However instead of carrying your luggage around until it is, can you just put it outside of the door of your stateroom in the meantime?
  5. @EllaDuChien What time would you recommend arriving in order to park and be ready to check-in at 11:30?
  6. I have a check-in time of 12:30 but have FTTF. The site is saying port doesn't allow people until 11:30. Is this true? Seems late and thinking FTTF may not be worth it.
  7. My wife and I are cruising out of Charleston in February on the Ecstasy. We'd love to have a table for just the two of us in the MDR and was wondering whether that's easier to get with a set dining time or the "your dining time" option? Any help or suggestions?
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