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  1. I imagine most doctors will actually attempt to talk patients out of taking the cruise. I foresee cruise lines voluntarily canceling cruises to avoid the chaotic response.
  2. Exactly! It costs the company more to have to deny boarding than to just let everyone board. They are just trying to do what's best to keep people safe. Sad that some think they are entitled and refuse to appreciate the gesture of goodwill being extended. I will definitely cruise again with Carnival and hope the entire industry rebounds quickly.
  3. They really should add a disclaimer to the form that if you knowingly do not disclose accurate information and you get sick, they are not held liable for providing treatment. Also, if you cause others to get sick because you cruised and put others at risk because you lied on the form, you are personally responsible for the fallout. If you get the virus, it will be discovered that you lied on the form since it's being tracked by the CDC, and therefore, the burden rests with the traveler.
  4. That's jumping to conclusions. Carnival has 2 options: 1) place restrictions on travelers who are most likely to develop severe complications to the unprecedented virus, placing undue burden on the cruise ship to provide care or interruption for all passengers; 2) cancel all cruises until further notice. The restricted passengers will not be cruising either way, so why be difficult? Think about someone other than yourself and sit this one out. I'm sure you don't appreciate my response, but the fact of the matter is that getting my way isn't more important than other people and if I was in a position that could impact other people negatively, AND I'm even being compensated to do so, I would do it. When my kids would cry in church..I left. Nobody brought the sermon to the lobby. When my kids threw a tantrum in a restaurant...I left. The staff didn't bring dinner to my car. When my kids get overwhelmed standing in lines at a theme park, I leave. I don't expect a refund or a separate line for parents. 2 of my children are autistic, so technically, I could justify that they have as much right to be in those places as others. But then, I try to be decent and think of everyone affected, not just myself.
  5. Give them a chance to breathe and I am sure they will revise the issues to the new plan. Things are changing rapidly and I can only imagine they just don't have the time to thoroughly digest the implications to the each and every cruise being altered.
  6. I can understand them making this call for Princess. The average age of cruiser on Princess vs Carnival is older, which puts the ships at greater risk of being affected. I am very impressed with the generosity of their offer and can only pray the industry recovers.
  7. I get land sick when we return. I have to take Dramamine for the first couple days after getting back. Have you tried taking cruises through the Gulf? Those are much less choppy.
  8. The Night Owl pajama party is $15/hr per kid. Every other night, it is $6.75 + 18% gratuity per hour per child.
  9. Most reviews are positive and I think KimPossible and I just had a really bad experience. I will say that Carnival followed up with a "sorry, but too bad email." I have not yet heard back from Blue Lagoon. As far as I'm concerned, the total disregard for guest service if nothing else helps me to cross this off the 2nd chance list. I do hope you have a FANTASTIC experience on the day you go and that the encounter is amazing.
  10. Not to be difficult, but it's about more than the lid. If you had a drink and refill your cup, whatever germs inside your cup from drinking will splash onto the ice and beverage dispenser. Those germs then spew into the next cup that dispenses ice or beverage. Have you never experienced splattering from your cup when refilling? I can't imagine Carnival just enjoys insane amounts of dishes just for the heck of it. They are trying to keep people safe and healthy and the only inconvenience we are expected to deal with is drinking out of a clean cup. I don't understand why people are insistent to break or fight the rule. Their house...their rules. McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc can do as they please. But when you have that many people in close proximity for multiple days in a row, I appreciate the protective measures.
  11. We saw people using their own cups at the ice and lemonade machines, so people definitely do bring them. However, it did kinda gross me out a little watching them put a used cup up to the machine. There isn't anything saying you can't use your own, but there is a sign saying not to reuse a cup at the machine. I'd pour from a clean cup into my own to prevent spreading sickness and for overall sanitary reasons.
  12. On our 5 day, it was on the 1st Sea day.
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