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  1. And my daughter's favorite quote is "you can't fix stupid"
  2. Dear Phil, Can't thank you enough for sharing your photographs of your Homelands Cruise. We will be traveling during that same time this year. I have only started viewing your pictures and will continue to enjoy them. I must ask you how you took these pictures. They are really remarkable😍 Esther Trahan
  3. Not sure how to search for Cruise Photo Albums. I would be interested in seeing any albums of a Viking Homelands Ocean cruise. Thanks so much.
  4. As I study the information, I think it is best to do ship excursion because you do have to "get" to the train - as duquephart indicates, the ship provides the bus to get to train so the cost is probably right.
  5. Thanks just_dont. Do you think $239 US is a reasonable price for the flam train?
  6. All great questions. But what I would like to know is the comfort of the train versus a bus into Berlin. Would like someone who has made the trip in those ways to give an opinion. 👏🏻
  7. We are considering using a different company to book Berlin tour. It offers travel into Berlin by motor coach rather than train. Would like to know opinions on those two options. Price is similar for ship or private company and both meet up with guides in Berlin.
  8. Thanks so much for the input. Can the Flam trip be accessed in any other way at reduced cost?
  9. I was wondering which of the two Railway choices in Eidfjord would be commended by members on Homeland Cruise - the The Scenic Flåm Railway or Voss, Geilo & Bergen Railway? Same price and can't really figure out how they differ. Will be in port in early June.
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