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  1. I'm due to set sail on Oasis in April and while I've been checking periodically to see what excursions are available, I just came across the River Tubing Adventure excursion in San Juan. Has anyone done it? There's not too much info available on the listing. Do you have to hike to the river? (The only shoes it mentions are water shoes, so I'm guessing not too much) Tour time is listed as 4 1/2 hours, how much of that is actually on the river? Mostly, I'm just looking for a little more detail from someone who has given it a try. Thanks.
  2. I'll be in Labadee in May 2020 and it's been a bit since I've checked my cruise planner, but I'm now seeing 2 listings for cabanas on Nellie's beach. Beach Cabana - Waterfront Cabana at Nellie's Beach for $579 and Beach Cabana at Nellie's Beach for $395. Is the waterfront one those cabanas that go up and have stairs into the water, or are those different? Those cabanas I've always seen referred to as over the water cabanas, but I haven't seen anything about waterfront cabanas so I'm not sure if it's a different thing, or just worded differently on Royal Carribean. Thanks to anyone that can hel
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