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  1. Ah ok Flossie - didn't know the different rules re the "booking on board" as we have not done this. Sorry Swansong my comments regarding our change of date for final payment to 60 days was not for an onboard booking, but you never know "they" might be a tad more flexible with you. Fingers crossed! But thanks Flossie for the info, that's good to know as that is a very flexible way of putting down a deposit for a future booking whilst on board especially if you change your mind once you're off the ship.
  2. Morning Swansong - your post makes very disappointing reading of how Regent UK are dealing with your booking for next April. We are booked on the Tokyo to Vancouver cruise and agree there is no way this is going to happen either and have been considering what to do re transferring our deposit to another cruise in the future but might just wait it out and see what happens as we have had our final payment date moved to 8th February which is approx 60 days prior (advised by our TA by email early November), so I would certainly question this with your TA. If this cruise is not cancell
  3. We do! And we have! Our first Viking Ocean cruise, we chose a DV2 on deck 5. Second cruise booked "GTY" - this was booked fairly last minute (within a month) and we were offered a DV6 "GTY" at a special price - I remember our TA telling me not to phone her (to moan! 😉 HAHA!) if we landed up in a stateroom we didn't like as she told me quite clearly we could be anywhere on the ship but definitely not a lower category! This was the first time we ever booked a GTY. I was aware at the time that there are a few staterooms on deck 3 where noise seeps upwards. However, we ended up with a DV2 o
  4. GOARMY - please carry on. Enjoying all your posts and stories. Hoping we might (will!) meet you on the April Tokyo-YVR next year.
  5. Just to add re clothes - on the TA from Puerto Rico to Barcelona in 2018, many folks arrived on the ship without their luggage (it was the time of the "Beast from the East" in the UK and also bad storms over Canada/NE US and many flights were delayed, diverted etc etc. The folks that sailed from PR without luggage were told bags would catch up with them at St Maarten but sadly we sailed right on by ..... rough seas prevented docking. Even worse was the 30 or so folk who missed the ship's departure in PR but were flown by Viking to St Maarten to join the ship ......... We met a
  6. UK based Cruise sail date 7 August 2020 Cancelled by Seabourn 7 May 2020 Cancelled by us online via their link in the cancellation email 7 May 2020 Refund Received 23 July 2020 Days to refund 77
  7. Received today - UK. This is a copy of the email. Addressed to me by my first name - maybe it is a targeted email? Who knows! Looks like anyone can register on the Covid Science Summit website. Link below in email. QUOTE: Dear XXXX We invite you to join us for our upcoming Global Scientific Summit on COVID-19, in collaboration with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), from 10 AM EDT to 1:30PM on July 28, as a live webcast The Summit is a great opportunity to become better informed on COVID-19’s impact on society, including travel and tou
  8. Aaah lovely = happy memories! Stay safe everyone ....
  9. We had the same initial thoughts about a future cruise credit, but our TA got back to Regent and they have now advised that the future cruise credit will be applied to this voyage. Happy Days. Regent made good. Just took them a while to figure it out! Edit to add: I think it would also be your choice which you want to do, this cruise or future.
  10. We learnt about this here on CC and received an email from our TA (UK) on Tuesday outlining the "generous offer"! She agreed with us that it was ridiculous and asked me to email her with our thoughts which she would pass onto Regent on our behalf. She told me that in addition, they have also raised it further up the food chain at Regent, ie TA to Regent. Also as a further aside, when we booked this cruise a few months ago, the "Free 3 night pre-cruise" and "Free 2 nights post cruise" were not available - sold out, limited capacity apparently - they gave us a credit which may
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