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  1. Reneekw

    Venice Shuttle?

    Thank you Host Grandma Cruising! You have been incredibly helpful.
  2. Reneekw

    Venice Shuttle?

    Does Pursuit offer a shuttle from the port in Venice to Piazzale Roma? Our group is supposed to make contact with a tour guide there and I'm unsure the best way to get there. Any Input would be appreciated. Thank You!
  3. Thank you for the tip. I have referred to 'Tips for Azamara Newbies' spreadsheet several times and it has been so useful. I just wasn't clear from that if there were standard US outlets anywhere else than in the bathroom. I'll go back and re-read. Thank you again!
  4. We will be cruising on The Pursuit in 13 days. Wondering if there are standard US 110 outlets in the staterooms other than in the bathroom. Do we need adapters to utilize outlets in the stateroom?
  5. I just recently booked two rooms for the end of April and got a confirmation e mail from the hotel. No mention of renovations.
  6. Good Point about "if I look hard enough." I think I'll stop here and just look forward to our cruise.
  7. You are correct. My husband kindly pointed out that this was Jan of last year. My apologies. I will say however that there have been several reviews (recently) that talk about the dirty ship/cabin on Breeze. That's what actually led me to look into it further. So I should re-state my question maybe asking: "What have bee your recent observations about cabin and ship cleanliness on Breeze?"
  8. I will be on my first CCL Cruise in March; 36 days to be exact (On the Breeze). Previously sailed NCL, Holland, and Celebrity and have had great experiences on all. I've been reading news stories via The Miami Herald that as of December, and 2018, and January 2019, 4 Carnival Ships have failed the CDC Sanitation Inspections. Liberty, Breeze, Vista, and Triumph. I've also read several recent posts about the lack of cleanliness of the cabins on the Breeze. Can you share your experiences and observations about the conditions on The Breeze? I'm so excited to cruise with my daughter over her college spring break, but want to set the bar at a realistic level so we are not disappointed, and possibly pack Clorox Wipes?
  9. https://www.carnival.com/awaywego/cruising-fun/what-to-expect/what-to-expect-on-a-st-patricks-day-cruise-with-carnival
  10. Poor choice of wording on my part. I think it's just a activity the ship is offering rather than a "package"
  11. My daughter and I are sailing over St. Patrick's Day on The Breeze. They are offering a "Pub Crawl" package that day and I was wondering if we would be able to use the Cheers Program for that? Does anyone have any insight?
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