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    Thanks CC for info/tips Emerald Alaska 8/5-12

    Have a wonderful vacation. :D
  2. claudia814

    Thanks CC for info/tips Emerald Alaska 8/5-12

    Although I requested a table for 6, we were given a table for 2 but the Botticelli MDR food was just blah and we never ate there again throughout the cruise. We went to Crown Grill twice, had an excursion Salmon Bake one night and the rest of the time we ate in Cafe Carib, the buffet in the back of the ship. It never was crowded and we saw whales while dining there. Ketchikan was warm and beautiful at 72 degrees. We just walked off ship to souvenir shops and walked back on to go into jacuzzi. It was a lovely day. To view the Island Passage, I ordered room service breakfast by 6:30 a.m., put a pool towel over the balcony table and we had a delicious breakfast while seeing the world go by! 7:00 is when they enter the area with all the small ice flows right in front of you. Due to the rain Juneau's been having everything was lush and green. It was a great relaxing morning as we got ready for whale watching and salmon bake buffet later that day. Started pouring but we were ready with thermal underwear, turtleneck long sleeve tops, zippered sweatshirts and heavy jacket with hood and gloves. And we each had an umbrella too. We were in layers but needed every bit for warmth. It was cold on the boat and we saw a few whales but nothing spectacular. The Mendenhall Glacier and whale watching trip had 50 whales right in front of them and people were getting nervous but they got some unbelievable pictures. The highlight for us was the Gold Greek Salmon Bake with a delicious BBQ and entertainment. Pouring but since it was all outside, it was covered and protected from the elements. Our favorite day was Skagway. We took the coach up to Fraser and the train down to Dredgetown for gold panning and another BBQ buffet. If you take the bus first sit on the starboard side and on the train down, sit also on the starboard side. Train first, port side for bus as well. It was pouring again but we were prepared. On the train they were selling for $15 a hat, book and DVD on the making of the train and gold rush stampeders. So well worth it! Saw more of area on the DVD since it was taken on a clear, sunny day. We booked Princess to take us to airport since our flight left at 3:00 and that worked out great for $29 per person. Bus was right there, filled it and off we went with no waiting. We sent our luggage straight to our home airport so we were just carrying our overnight bags. There was no charge for this service from Seattle to Palm Springs, CA except for the two small bags which carried our boots, shoes and coats, since our larger bags were free. Plenty of room for all the luggage in the cabin. Thanks to CC I knew to bring a small stapler and attached my AA full itinerary (not just the return home flights) to the form to have the luggage picked up and delivered to home airport. Got our boarding passes and airport tags to attach and put everything out about 8:00 p.m. My only regret is that we should have gotten off the ship and taken the small ship excursion to view the glaciers. We never got near any snow or ice. Next time! Enjoy your cruise, wherever you choose! Remember, a rainy day on vacation is better than any day at work!
  3. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you all for making my cruise painless and memorable. Booked this cruise last summer and took advantage of a given Sip & Sail pkg. You're entitled to 15 drinks a day but DH and I topped out at about 6 or 7. It includes top notch liquor, specialty coffee and sparkling water. Secured a beautiful room about a year ago at Hyatt House Downtown with a room overlooking the Space Needle for $271. Their free shuttle took us to the Market, around town and was a plus but their breakfast pkg was exceptional with delicious, fresh choices and were not muffins under a hood. Century Car Service picked us up at airport door outside of baggage. Driver texted me he was waiting for my text to say which door we were coming out of and it worked great. We paid $60 for the service and $55 the next day when he picked us up at hotel at 10:30 for ride to pier. Again, on time and professional. We were having lunch aboard Emerald at about 11:45. Let me know if you'd like to know more about ship and excursions.
  4. claudia814

    Mexican Riviera snorkeling excursions

    We snorkeled through Princess in February and it was miserable. Water was very cold and dark and once in water you had to move away from boat quite a distance to snorkel with group. We lasted only a few minutes. Never again! Hawaii is the place to snorkel, not Mexico. I must say the boat ride was fun.
  5. Our daughters surprised us with the anniversary package and I loved it. We took the door sign home and enjoy it every time I pull into garage. The hanging rope across the cabin with clothes pins holding up signs, we took home and it now holds all my DH golf hats. Also, our balloon outside the door stuck out a little and whichever elevator we took, I’d look down the hall and knew where our cabin was. Have a happy birthday and a great cruise!
  6. We bought this tote bag for $35, on board. It has a handle that pulls up and is a rolling tote and it holds a lot. The website says it fits in bin on your airplane. But it’s too large by American Airlines standards for a carryon so we’ll use it for local road trips. If someone has used it on AA, please let me know. Thanks.
  7. claudia814

    Water no longer available for pre-purchase!!

    Yes, just purchased 12 bottles water package for $6.90.
  8. claudia814

    When can we get on the ship? Leaving Los Angeles.

    You mean they just got off the ship and doing same itinerary again for another week?
  9. Very interesting! I’m on that cruise and was concerned when my 1:00 whale watch/salmon bake wasn’t going to happen. I quickly called Princess and got on the 3:45 excursion for the same price of $189.95. However, as I’m checking today I noticed the 3:45 excursion price has changed to $199.95. What??? I called Princess and I don’t mind telling you I waited 22 min for someone to finally answer (and I told Jan Swartz on survey). So rep said I’m paid and confirmed and not to worry about the higher price now. That’s weird!
  10. claudia814

    Alaskan White Pass Scenic Railway in Skagway

    Taking 8:45 train up and bus down. Which side of train and/or bus should we sit on for best views? Thanks.
  11. claudia814

    Porterhouse @ Crown Grill 😊

    Had lamb chops and lobster at Crown in February. Can’t wait to go again in August.
  12. claudia814

    Shipboard Safes

    A strap from purse got caught in safe door and it wouldn’t open. Maintenance came in and tried a code but it didn’t open. So he used a chisel on top and side and it popped open. Good to know?!?
  13. I bought a waterproof plastic carrier, size of cruise card, to carry on ship when I go in pool. Read where if you leave it in bag on lounge chair it could be stolen and very quickly purchases could be made. It goes around my neck and I tuck it into top of my bathing suit. I also bought one size of passport and carried color photo copy of passport on photo paper (kept real one in safe), cruise card, driver license, insurance card, prescription info and cash when snorkeling in Mexico and also tucked it in to top of bathing suit. In Alaska this August I know I’ll need real passport for excursion so I’m ready with my holder to be tucked in under my shirt. Makes me feel very safe.
  14. claudia814

    What is wrong with me? How do others do it?

    This has been the most enjoyable reading! Thank you and enjoy.
  15. claudia814

    Purchasing watches on Princess ships

    On Ruby in February and bought ladies Guess watch for $99 and it was buy one, get one half off. So I bought a $99 Anne Klein watch for $50. I purchased inside the watch store so salesman had time to take links out for me.