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  1. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I sent a request to a RC friendly TA and will see what she has to say. I also want to book another cruise so that may sweeten the pot?
  2. Yes I'm definitely not in the savvy group yet lol. I'll call them this week for sure. Now if I could only get a guarantee that my mom will behave, hmmmm.
  3. Oh yes I'm not too crazy about a connecting room. I hate the thought of calling RC CS to switch rooms. I have over a year so maybe I'll try it on our final cruise this year if NC will do it.
  4. Very noob cruiser here, only sailed Anthem twice. I booked on Oasis for next summer when she is in Bayonne. It will be myself, 10 year old DS and my mother (uses a walker). DS wanted the 14th floor and we got an aft room not far from the rear elevators, Boardwalk balcony. IIRC it's 14701. I got the 2 soda packages and $175 OBC as well as discounted pricing on my son and mom's fares. Can a TA do better? Possible to switch to OV balcony without a huge cost increase? Is Deck 14 okay on aft? We don't need absolute quiet but reasonable is ok! I'm the light sleeper so deck chairs being pulled around in early am would be awful. We've been lucky enough to twice get great decks/rooms on Anthem. I would love a similar experience on my first Oasis sailing. Thanks!
  5. I'm sure I'll be corrected but I think if sitting out on the balcony you may be able to look out and see some ocean but not down and out. However that room could also be in a blind spot where you don't see much but yellow! Good luck.
  6. I was notified 48 hrs prior. Shocked me as I was expecting the denial the next day. This was for an inside to unobstructed balcony. Just a weird win. Maybe someone higher up cancelled a suite like in a previous post.
  7. Yes I made sure I was paying less than I would have just booking balcony in the first place. And now I'll have to look at other ship differences because on some sailings (other ships) balconies were very close to inside. I was kind of surprised.
  8. Yes even though it was chilly. Also had a balcony in February to the Bahamas. And booked Oasis for when she is in Bayonne next year. Balcony for sure since it will be summer!
  9. Just got off Anthem this past Saturday. Still a cheapie noob so booked inside staterooms and received the Royal Up offers. I wanted the OV balcony and it was $150 min. pp. I bid 160. I heard nothing and 2 days before sailing I figured it was a no go. Who wants an inside stateroom right? Well about an hour later I got my accepted offer. Great midship location on deck 9. And supposedly the ship was sold out. Maybe a last minute cancellation?
  10. Not necessarily. In Feb. I got upgraded from obst. OV to a D1 balcony on deck 11. Cost me $60 pp, just $10 above lowest bid.
  11. February they were included. I'm boarding Anthem again on Saturday so will see if it is the same.
  12. I'm bummed because right after I posted I went to book and it's no longer in the cruise planner. I'll keep checking to see if someone cancels or maybe onboard I can book.
  13. I'mon Anthem this Saturday. Will they let us just use the cooked seafood?
  14. The ship has a lost/found just ask a crew member when you return.
  15. Not the OP but in February we passed under the Verrazano at 3:25 p.m.
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