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  1. Final Blog Post for Mariner 2020 World Cruise - Visit the site for photos! https://consultm2.blogspot.com/ Gratitude Sunday, March 22, 2020 We've been home two days and I have already done laundry twice. As I fold the clothes, I pine for the “olden days”, a mere week ago, when the whites came back from the laundry, bright white and every item was beautifully pressed. Now, I must deal with our new
  2. We are docked in Fremantle! Will begin disembarking at 10 am...about one hour from now. Felt an incredible rush of joy when we reached land earlier today...a port never looked more beautiful!
  3. Today's update! We've come to expect a daily announcement with changes/information. Here's a summation of the 8:30 am message from the captain.... We anchor in Fremantle at 3 pm today. Tomorrow, early in the morning after the Cunard ship leave the port, we take their spot alongside the pier. At 11 am, all guests are required to leave the ship. Done! We'll have a face to face inspection with AU authorities and then Regent will transfer all of us to a hotel(s) where we will stay until our flights home. Regent is handling all of this in an extraordinary manner...gener
  4. Another challenging day on the Mariner. We were anchored and preparing the tenders, when the captain spoke about swells and difficult conditions for tendering. He said he'd get back to us, trying to "wait out" the weather. Thirty minutes later, the anchor was raised and we began barreling for Fremantle. Three ports cancelled and suddenly our goal was to get to our final port ASAP. We are due to arrive tomorrow at 3 PM., however, we need to anchor for two days until our berth is cleared for docking on the 18th. Then the reality of AU closing their ports hit the in
  5. The 2020 World Cruise has been cancelled. All guests must leave the ship in Fremantle on March 19th. You can read my latest world cruise blog post at https://consultm2.blogspot.com/
  6. The 2020 World Cruise is cancelled. All guests will leave the ship the morning of March 19th in Fremantle. Please read my latest blog post at https://consultm2.blogspot.com/ Good health and good wishes to all of you. Marcia
  7. Thank you, Ann. I am no authority and am hesitant to share information as this is a fluid situation. In fact, folks on CC know more about the upcoming ports than I do on the Mariner. I have not been notified that Italy was cancelled and replaced with ports in Turkey. I was looking forward to seeing you and Shel again. I'm sure there are more cruises in our future! Wishing you good health! Best, Marcia
  8. flossie009, I am glad you are enjoying our blogs. It's fun sharing the experience! And, what an experience it is!!! Sydney marked the end of a segment and a lot of people disembarked. Many of them had planned to end their cruise in Singapore, but elected to leave early rather than fly from Perth. About 125 -ish guests boarded in Sydney. I assume they are on for this one segment. I understand we have less than 500 guests on board. My guess is that few, if any, will board the ship in Perth due to the uncertainty of cruise due to the virus. We have heard
  9. If you haven't caught up on my 2020 Regent Mariner World Cruise blog, I invite you to click on the link below and enjoy some light reading: https://consultm2.blogspot.com Best, Marcia
  10. Bob, It's wonderful to be able to share this voyage with you and others. I am delighted to know that you are enjoying my blog posts. Sharing is as much fun as the experience! The internet connection can be very challenging. Uploading photos works intermittently. I have videos that I would love to post in the blog and a really fun iMovie Trailer I created on a sea day that I think others would enjoy, but, uploading these files is impossible. If we get to a port where I can pick up a strong internet connection, I'll be working furiously to get everything online!
  11. Another blog post from Deck 10 on the Regent Mariner 2020 World Cruise. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. It was a glorious day in Honolulu! https://consultm2.blogspot.com/ Marcia
  12. Thank you so much for your kind words! Deeply appreciated! Best, Marcia
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