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  1. I saw something recently about saving 10% if you use the Carnival card.
  2. Kids ok I get that. A room for your BFFs. No
  3. It was rescheduled to earlier in the day.
  4. Taxi. Uber. Lyft. Bus. Rental car. Bicycle. Tricycle. Motorcycle. Boat. Walk. Horseback. Rickshaw. Hot air ballon. Shuttle bus. Space shuttle. Underground tunnels.
  5. Which makes a whole bunch of sense when you book a cruise a year plus out and there are zero excursions posted....
  6. They should not do that. The rate is to you to get you to come back. Why would the casino extend the rates so you can bring 16 of your friends that won’t even step foot in the casino.
  7. No. That is overrated. But I do believe their should be an adults only store on-board.
  8. Yes, appearenty the case since each guest has their own folio number regardless of where they stay, who is paying the bill, etc. I understand the app can be installed on multiple devices and logged in off-board. I have it on my iPhone and iPad. However, on board, I can’t use the chat feature of the Hub app on both of my devices at the same time. My God I didn’t realize until now, but as a forum where people come to get information from “experts”, this place really does a disservice to people. I give up.
  9. And you used the chat feature, viewing charges, on all devices?
  10. I didn’t get my cookies until after the ship sailed and it RUINED my cruise.
  11. Day or night. Beggers cant be choosers.
  12. It used to be where the user could only be signed into one device at a time. Not sure if they changed it.
  13. In my experiences, you don't see the dogs leaving, you see them coming back. DHS don't give a ship what you take out the country. They do care what you bring back.
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