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  1. Well, we are now just over a month until we start our B2B cruises, with absolutely no information on the "Azamazing Evenings" that will apparently be happening onboard. No dates (locations) for when they might happen, what the plans are...nothing. We kept getting promises of more information to come...again nothing. I cannot say I'm very impressed.
  2. Welcome back from holidays Bonnie! It's been a month since we were told that "More information will be shared with everyone soon!" It's only 60 more days until we sail, have there been any updates? Thanks!
  3. I have a real problem with this! One of the reasons I enjoy taking Azamara cruises is the "Azamazing Evenings" Your website states that every cruise 7 days or longer include one of these evenings. These Caribbean cruises fall under this description from Azamara's website: Best of all, one is included with our compliments on all cruises except transatlantic crossings and voyages that are less than seven nights long. So being on back to back cruises, I am missing out on two promised Azamazing Evenings! I really hope there will be some form of compensation, but I really would just prefer a couple evenings to remember on our cruises. Why do we not get the same level of cruise experience as promised in your brochures?
  4. Azamara's website states this: "Each private, bespoke AzAmazing Evenings event delivers authentic travel moments that bring you closer to your destination, its culture and its people. Best of all, one is included with our compliments on all cruises except transatlantic crossings and voyages that are less than seven nights long." JsMom2, I'm curious, where did you get this information that there would be no Azamazing evenings?
  5. AlbertasRose


    These are the benefits as per Azamara's website. It is One bag per cabin every seven days.
  6. I am also going to be on a B2B and was thinking that perhaps the evening before, while everyone is packing and having to have their bags in the hall may be a good time as well?
  7. Hello! We are cruising in November/December with Azamara, and I was wondering if I need to pack beach towels or does Azamara allow passengers to take towels with them while onshore at the beach? Thanks!!
  8. A lot of common questions are answered in this spreadsheet, these tips were compiled by the moderator and I found it very useful while preparing to travel om Azamara. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15Deg-GaeZYLml8NN3PVwoh_jUkQ8QmYUe1wxnVAlODE/edit#gid=0
  9. Does anyone know if the security photo that you can upload during check-in has to be passport style (no smile, no glasses etc.)?
  10. I was just looking at the Restaurants on the app., Discoveries, The Patio and Room Service all have the following comment: "Onboard dining price is per person, food only, beverages not included; an 18% gratuity will be automatically added to the guests check" I was with the understanding that these restaurants were included and that the gratuities were included as well.
  11. Thanks, you are right marinaro44, We looked up the app on Google play and it says "No internet purchase required to use onboard".
  12. I like the idea of the online app, but my concern is that I would be required to purchase WiFi on the ship to access my account through the app, because there is no access through the television. I hadn't really planned on purchasing WiFi, therefore the app would cause me to incur additional charges.
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