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  1. You’ll be fine. Some people get immured in the detail. Don’t worry about seat assignments unless as Jonyboy has indicated you want a window.
  2. Thanks a lot Ruth. I have obviously done that. Will pack an orange shawl 😊
  3. I read somewhere that on Gala night we are supposed to wear orange - something about King’s Night and orange is in deference to the Netherlands. I can’t find the reference nor read about it anywhere else. Does anyone know if this still exists? Tx. Am packing for the trip as I leave home tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.
  4. TA said that too but as am away for a month in total don’t want to lug three layers with me albeit one layer would be flimsy (summer) stuff. Plus weight luggage issue re flights. 😊. Knowing the base line is v helpful.
  5. It’s The second week in October. Here’s hoping re the weather😊. Tx for response. Will stick with autumn clothing with ability to rug up when off the ship.
  6. years ago travelled by train from Toronto to Niagara. It was in the middle of summer. I absolutely froze - they had cranked up the air con to a ridiculous level as do some shops. Am booked on a New England cruise in the Fall. Can I expect HAL to turn up the heating to the point where I should take summer clothes too?
  7. Tx Ruth. Very helpful. Believe me I won’t be turning up ‘just in time’ as probably further to walk home if I miss it (New Zealand) 😂
  8. Tx Ruth. I asked the same question of my travel agent and they came back and said I had to be ONBOARD by 4 pm. This of course would mean I’d have to be at the dock around 3.30 to go through re-embarkation process. (My assumption of course that it’d take half an hour.). I thought that was excessive as by the time you get off the ship it certainly cuts down on the time you have in port!
  9. If a ship is birthed in port and departs at say 5 pm. What time do you have to be back for re-embarkation?
  10. Another unrelated question. Am looking at booking a couple of independent shore excursions. Itinerary says ship is in port from 8-5. What time could I safely assume I have disembarked and also what’s the latest time I need to be back? Ports in question are Boston and New York (NY time is 8-6).
  11. Have bought a couple of spa services and a dinner package. Are the tips already included in the price or will they be added to my account?
  12. Great. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Am a definite newbie. Can someone please explain why a bottle of Cloudy Bay Sav is showing $79 on the drinks menu pictured above when on the HAL website for my sailing (Oct Canada/US fall tour) it would cost $90 something to pre-purchase now?
  14. Am travelling on my own and am trying to sort whether to buy a wine package or a beverage card. Could someone please advise the cost of a glass of an average Sauvignon Blanc?
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