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  1. Hello, Does anyone have any information on the child prices for P&O small group tours in St Petersburg? I have an indication of what adult prices would be but I wonder if anyone call tell me child prices for the Simply St Petersburg or the Splendour of St Petersburg small group tours. Many thanks. CZ
  2. I am merely illustrating in my example above how it could work for us. I did not mean to suggest that it would be the same for everyone. Our level of OBC and peninsular discount are particular to our next cruise. I’ve outlined the maths in detail above so have no more to add. We view the OBC as bonus credit as we got great deals on our next two cruises. I realise, as stated above, that people like to use it for all sorts of different reasons but in this example we have chosen to use it on the drinks package. I agree the drinks package will not work for many people but wanted to be a minority voice that shows it will work well for some, particularly for families, without having to drink to excess.
  3. The kids package is included for kids in the same cabin when the adults purchase the Ultimate Drinks Package. I’ll explain it: Total cost for 2 adults. £1118.60 for 2 weeks. Minus our OBC (£460) = 658.60 Minus our peninsular discount once OBC used up (7.5%) = £609.205 So cost per day for 4 of us is £609.205 / 14 = £43.52 Price per head per day is £10.88 Great value for us as we can drink this each in Costa and soft drinks, never mind when you add a few drinks and glasses of wine on. Hope that helps to clarify.
  4. We did a cruise to the Greek Islands with P&O in May 2017 and it was delightful in terms of weather and crowd sizes. We met many wonderful and friendly locals on our travels. I’m sure you will have a fabulous time whenever you decide to go.
  5. There are usually several small group option tours from P&O with group sizes of around 14 but they will be priced higher than the local tours available e.g. Alla. We are waiting on the tours for July to be announced and to see how the pound reacts after March 29 as the Alla tours are priced in Dollars whereas the P&O tours will still be in pounds before we make a final discussion of what to book. This will be our first Baltic cruise and we are really looking forward to it.
  6. The Medina Restaurant is used for Freedom Dining in Aurora and there are fridges in every cabin. You can ask the steward to remove the mini bar items so you can use the space for your own drinks/medicines. Hope that helps.
  7. The calculation is taking off the OBC amount first then applying the peninsular discount to the remaining balance to determine the per head per day cost of the drinks package for our family. I agree that the discount only applies once OBC has been used up.
  8. Exactly. The way we view it for our next trip is that the package cost minus our OBC and peninsular discount works out at £10.88 for each of us per day as a family of 4. I think it will let us be more sociable and have a few drinks before dinner in a bar rather than having a gin on the balcony most nights before dinner (we are always late sitting). So I see that as a potential benefit too. I don’t think it will cause us to drink a lot more than we would at the moment but it may encourage us to try some different drinks and some new venues. It will be interesting to see how it works in practice and whether we find it to be a good thing. I appreciate it won’t suit everyone but I can see families seeing this as an interesting option.
  9. It depends what you would normally spend OBC on as to how you think this will work for you. If you tend to shop with it for a treat or use it in the spa or retreat then the package is not a good deal. We are going to the Baltic this year so will be pre-booking any excursions before we board to ensure there is still availability or arranging with local companies. We will not be using the spa or retreat and will probably have the odd meal supplement to pay but nothing significant. We do have some drinks at lunch, a bottle of wine at dinner and some drinks after dinner at the shows. Our usual drinks bill would be around the £610 mark anyway for all four of us. Now with the package, we can have a drink when we fancy and as long as we have more than £10.88 worth per day we can feel no great pressure to drink a lot more to get our monies worth. We will have to work around the restrictions - more cocktails will make it easier to bear and the kids will enjoy the freedom too to have a drink when they want without it being marked off their usual drinks card. I am an interested to see how the package will be used as an enticement for future bookings and if it affects drink prices in general but with so much uncertainty around at the moment with 49 days until Brexit, it is just another small factor to consider in a complex landscape. We love our cruises with P&O and whilst this is a nice to have for us it is not a deal breaker either way.
  10. I’m a rare voice who likes the idea of the drinks packages. We are a family of four travelling in July. The cost of the package for us would be £1118.60. If we take off our onboard credit and peninsular discount to total cost goes down to £609 which when divided by four of us is £10.88 per day. The kids will get the free kids package if we buy the Ultimate Package for the two adults. So it does work out to be really good value for us. It will allow us to have more Costa coffee in the morning and a few extra drinks after dinner without counting the pennies. Even on a Port day we will each drink more than £10.88. I simply want to outline how for even moderate drinkers, particularly families, this can be a good deal. I do wonder how the wine by the glass will work at dinner but we can take a glass in with us from the bar and order another one or two during the meal and I’m sure it will be fine. And I wish we could have bottled mixers. But life is never perfect! It is nice to have an option. Personally I find the spa really expensive and don’t often use the services but I’m glad it is there for others who enjoy it. I guess it is the same with the drinks package.
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