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  1. We do the same with Preferred Rewards the NCL worldpoints card.
  2. We typically submit month before, hate to have the people processing push it to the bottom of the pile.
  3. Sorry you had a bad experience in Silver Cove. Drinks were easy to get when we were there past summer. The bar staff was sending beers over six at a time, making shots and handing them and cocktails a plenty to the villas. We had one near the end, the bar staff also brought drinks out to the water and beach. If you have the opportunity, give it a whirl. The pool conversation came up when the engineers at NCL weren’t able to get the cove working with tides. It will go over in silver cove. villas and cabanas go on sale in the excursion section of NCL.com, the price is for 6 people, only need to buy for one. Keep an eye on the price as it can drop (fake book the excursion as passenger 2).
  4. The butler would take care of the meal in your room. Mention it to them you would like to get a menu for the specialty restaurant or regular restaurant you would like food from. You could order from different places, though no guarantee it would be hot at the same time. Usually won’t work with sushi as they say u can’t get that.
  5. Well said. As a suite cruiser, the points you made are extremely accurate to expectation for your Butler. Our last cruise we had the butler deliver the arrival champagne to our LeBistro dinner on night 3 and in room dinner twice after long excursion days. For those, we made it easy for the butler by ordering food early (day before in one case), so everyone on the food service side would be locked in. Communication goes a long way. As to the Vibe comment, would be interesting to have an upgrade in the Haven package for this much like a Spa suite.
  6. Moderno, Wife and kid aren’t big on meatapolooza
  7. The main dining room, buffet, OSheehans Are included. There are usually two dining rooms that are smaller than the MDRthat are complimentary as well. What ship you looking at, I’m sure the cruise critic crowd can tell you the names of the smaller ones too.
  8. $50 Excursion credit is good for each port only typically. It won’t roll over to next port if you don’t use it. i believe this is the case for most cruise except Bermuda as that on is $50 / day, but the excursions can be same day as the Bermuda cruises function as a floating hotel.
  9. Sorry to hear that ports were cancelled. Weather is getting worse and this causes more issues. I think NCL handled it well, maybe communicate more, but seemed fair.
  10. You may want to make one if the dining room allows. Christmas last year on the Breakaway MDR there was the people who reserved in the MDR and a whole lot standing outside. Specialty restaurants will go quick as well.
  11. We are cruising on the Jewel next July for 7 days from Seward to Vancouver. DW and Daughter (16 yo) make up our party. We will be doing a 5 day land cruise before we board. Land cruise includes train to Denali, day trip in Denali, Iditarod stop, and tram to top of Mt Aleyska. What suggestions does everyone have for booking excursions? We are thinking whale watching, maybe Mendenhall glacier.
  12. Done Haven on the Escape (2 bed suite). It was quite the experience. I typically take 3 days to go from working brain to vacation brain. So I finally start to enjoy by day 4. This is true except when in a suite or the Haven. Haven makes it easy to disconnect. That’s worth it for our family.
  13. Following along (as a relocated Massachusetts native living in Virginia). Sorry to hear that OSheehans was so poor.
  14. Your own bathroom (cause the kiddos get their own). Also they get their own closed off bedroom. Sleep better all around. So I’m pro 2 bed suite.
  15. First night,, specialty dining. No crowds,, great service. Last night,, sulk about returning to real world.
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