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  1. Captain Tripps ,,,, I hope not,,, I would hate to make a stand again
  2. Escape the BigTop is more escape room than show. Think puzzles. Heard it was good.
  3. Bulleitt is probably still the bourbon. Pre-cruise concierge can help with the list as above, it will be in the letter. You can swap out from that list (grey goose vodka isn’t listed but available) just ask. Mixers can be pre-ordered as well. Your butler will refill or change the mixers during the cruise. You can get pretty much anything for mixers like ginger beer for your Kentucky mules (or mine).
  4. Suite will come with on-demand movies as part of the room (no charge). With kids this can be a hit. Also the master bed room is way better than a balcony with bathroom and king bed.
  5. If you want to put a limit (value of the gift cards) on their kids account you can do that at guest services. When they run out of money the kids card won’t work for charging
  6. Oceania 180 days around the world cruise, starting in Miami and returning to Miami after hitting 6 of 7 continents.
  7. As the UK has different booking rules it makes sense that you would book through a UK site. As the consumer protections in UK are stronger than the US, I can’t see why NCL would have you able to book the US and get the UK protections,,,, then again book in the US and try to enforce the UK protections.
  8. Thank you for creating the thread! Never quite understand the “worst cruise ever” mantra, excepting the Titanic and other true disasters. A bad day cruising is the best day of work,,,,
  9. Says 3 thru 8 get the soda package if under 21
  10. With food and bare feet, you wonder when we hear about a foot mouth disease outbreak
  11. We will be on the trek south bound on July 13th and our first to Alaska too
  12. Last Christmas out of NOLA, no separate platinum waiting area, was super quick through security and onto the ship. Was separate platinum line for security, but wasn’t really necessary. Almost lost poor grandpa the line moved so fast. Sit in the chairs near the Haven seating area and walk on super quick after Haven and people needing assistance.
  13. We do the same with Preferred Rewards the NCL worldpoints card.
  14. We typically submit month before, hate to have the people processing push it to the bottom of the pile.
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