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  1. Right..someone told me they paid nearly $472 for their policy with CFAR for their trip. Now I'm sure that was for multiple people, but I can get an annual policy on myself for around $500 a year that will cover multiple cruises as well.
  2. Mind you..I am in no way advocating that you decline travel insurance. You just need to understand the policy and it's actually really important for things that are truly financially devastating such as a sickness, injury, medevac situation at sea. But I definitely will not be glib in the future and respond to anyone "that's what travel insurance is for" when they ask about a hypothetical situation concerning travel related losses. Because reading my policy over and over again and trying to figure out how I could be proactive to protect myself and even mitigating a BIGGER loss to the insurance company, there was absolutely no way with the way the policy was written. My coverage only begins when I leave my house; changing my flight before I leave the house means that my coverage doesn't begin until I leave for the newly scheduled flight.
  3. I'm on a different cruiseline and my cruise was delayed and shortened. No clue what NCL's travel insurance plan documents state but my third party insurance policy would only provide coverage for the additional stay in Ft. Laud if I took my originally scheduled flight. They wouldn't cover the costs to make a flight change to come in later because in their eyes I was making that choice and there was no covered reason that required them to indemnify me for doing so. But if I traveled as scheduled and got stuck in Miami..it's a travel delay and at that point I was covered. They would cover me if the cruise got canceled entirely and they would cover me if my flight was canceled..but they won't cover me because it's delayed unless I go with my original plans and get stuck. I can't choose to cancel the trip unless my destination is under a Hurricane Warning and that still has to be within 48 hours of the beginning of my trip. This wasn't the case when I was supposed to fly out yesterday morning. My policy does not have the CFAR (cancel for any reason) coverage and even that clause in most policies says you have to cancel 48-72 hours in advanceand it may only be a 75% recovery. Plus if the cruiseline issues you a FCC, they consider you being compensated.
  4. It will definitely take some time for them to make CocoCay pretty again even if they escape any structural damage. Gotta clear off all the nasty that the water will bring in. But perhaps the storm will scare off all the sea birds that steal people's food on the island.
  5. I usually talk smack about the airlines and their inflexibility but they made the right call in allowing the free flight changes well in advance. None of the cruiselines followed suit. The right thing to do would have been to follow the airline's lead and allow the elective cancellation for 100% future cruise credit when they were trying to figure out the plans. It wouldn't have helped every passenger's situation but it would have helped them feel less trapped.
  6. The airlines were amazing. The cruiselines should have allowed cancellation for 100% future credit as far out the airlines did. Prevent as many people as possible from feeling forced to make this decision. Some of the insurance policies are just as bad; after my experience with it I will honestly never quip "that's what travel insurance is for" to someone.
  7. Port stays closed for TS force winds. Not sure how long they wait until after the last TS winds subside before they start the inspection phase to clear the port for reopening.
  8. Coast Guard goes by expected arrival of TS winds to switch to condition ZULU (complete closure). ZULU is set 12 hours prior to the expected TS winds arrival. The most recent projections pretty much confirms Port Everglades and Port Miami will call ZULU tomorrow.
  9. Please update what they are offering to everyone when you find out. Since all the other lines gave some form of advanced notice I definitely wouldn't be happy with just a 100% cruise credit from NCL. I hope they do the right thing and offer the $ back.
  10. Kick it in Miami until the cruise. Weather forecast looks favorable. All the extra expense may be covered under your travel insurance's trip delay. Port of Miami went to Yankee as of noon today. That's not full closure but all cruise ships have to get out and only ones with permission can enter under that condition. NCL did your entire sailing wrong.
  11. Ouch..NCL Breakaway went from early boarding tomorrow 9am-11 (which they only told folks about today at 4pm) to the port won't let us in and now we aren't sailing until Wednesday. Less than 12 hours notice from boarding.
  12. Probably need to get a PVSA waiver before they can let folks off I would imagine. Unless you didn't technically make it to international waters and leave the country?
  13. Port of Miami went to Yankee at 12pm today which typically means they expect Zulu tomorrow which is complete port closure. They would need to special permission to come in now and they definitely won't be allowed tomorrow. Can't believe they haven't announced a decision, though.
  14. Ov balcony midship $798 all in Report is that the folks on the Navigator can extend for $200 balcony, $250 suite guarantee for the following 2-nighter.
  15. Feel that...I couldn't get travel insurance out of my flight down with just a delay..fortunately Delta did the right.
  16. If NCL's gamble pays off on that the Royal cruisers on my sailing are going to be irate. But good news for me is Delta rolled back their flight change exception to 8/30 so they issued a flight credit for me with no penalty.
  17. So NCL isn't telling folks expecting to sail on Sunday if it's happening until Saturday afternoon?
  18. People don't HAVE to get to Miami. That's a choice and it is on them. The cruise line gave you the option to not sail and accept the credit towards sailing at a different time. If you read your cruise contract they don't even have to do that.
  19. You won't find any cruiseline that will offer you a refund in this situation. None. Even if they fully cancel the cruise on you due to weather, it will still be a credit for a future cruise and not a cash refund. If it was Royal's fault (mechanical or scheduling) then yes, refund is possible. You would be hard pressed to find an insurance policy even that will refund cash for the cruise fare when the cruiseline is offering you a credit.
  20. That 3rd party site is technically your travel agent. You should be able to but you'll have to contact them. You can apply it towards what's left to pay if you aren't past final payment yet.
  21. Ugghh....I heard that on the radio this morning about evacuation orders. They planned for starting it all this morning and then the forecast changed and they're holding off. Knowing my luck my flight will have departed hours before the watches are issued. And it's too soon for flight cancellations to start happening. Don't think the cruiseline will cancel the cruise completely (although they could shorten it even more) but that still has to happen before I get on my flight for it to give me reason to cancel. I guess if really wanted an adventure I could just take the flight and kick it in Ft.Lauderdale until the cruise ends up sailing out. Insurance would cover the costs of that 🤔
  22. Yes..we have met. My mother is my +1 on this go around. It was her insistence that we fly in the night before; I would have been fine with day of. Travel insurance always will take care of a delay or late arrival day of, but she always insists. In this case we would have been in the Delta refund zone and been fine. It will be good fodder for this argument in the future at least 😂
  23. Delta's offering this for Sept1-4. My flight is Aug31..so just outside the deadline. Hotel was cancellable with no penalty. Seriously the airfare is the only out of pocket here. Trust me I'm surveying the cruise insurance policy up and down and back and forth and have called them and they told me on the phone if I don't take my original flight there's no claim. I have to take the original flight down and put myself up in a hotel for 4 nights until the cruise..they would cover 3 of those nights since I was originally only supposed to be staying one night. The fact that the cruise is delayed and not outright canceled changes everything in the eyes of the insurance company.
  24. I've worked in the insurance industry for over 10 years..so I understand this stuff and all the loopholes and why the policies are written the way that they are. Now each insurance policy has different rules. You have to read and understand your contract. They all cover different things for different reasons. My particular insurance was NOT purchased through the cruiseline. It's an insurance policy for a trip. A trip is defined as when you leave your home until you return. So if you fly to the cruise in this case, the insurance covers your flights as well. You take your flight as scheduled and get in Miami. Find out the cruise is canceled. That's considered a cancellation by a common carrier and thus it is a covered loss. You need to inform the insurance company that you will be making a claim within 72 hours of this happening. In this situation, the insurance policy will cover the cost of change fees to change your flight home. If your earliest flight option requires you to stay overnight the policy covers reasonable accommodations (hotel, incidentals, etc). You have to prove that you had no other flight options (screen shot all flights sold out, airport closure notifications, etc.). But basically you are covered for your expenses until you get home.
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