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  1. shotglass of irish cream and irish whiskey dropped into a pint of Guinness...the "bomb" is that it foams up when you drop the shotglass in and you have to slam the entire drink down quickly
  2. Wouldn't you need to take into consideration any benefits along the way at the interim levels? I know for solo travelers the 150% solo supplement at 340 points can be a big help.
  3. Uber/Lyft should run around $30-$40 from Port Everglades to Miami.
  4. Keep making noise. Have an idea of what would be acceptable to you as compensation if you were to take the cabin option they found for you on a less desirable deck. Make sure you know the cabin categories of your original booking and what they want to move you to and do a mock booking to compare pricing. Try to negotiate for OBC and don't take no for an answer.
  5. Awesome..so same as a regular specialty experience then..good to know.
  6. Found this which is targeted to TAs, but might be helpful to answer you: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/General_Info/Royal_Caribbean_OBC_FAQs.pdf If the OBC that was applied to an item purchased in the Pre-Cruise Planner (PCP) tool falls off a booking will the purchased item automatically cancel? If there are other eligible OBCs on the booking, they will automatically get applied to cover a balance. If there is still a remaining balance, this will trigger a balance due in the Cruise Planner tool which must be paid for by credit card to ensure that the item does not cancel. The guests will receive a balance due e-mail notification that the system would trigger a cancel in the 7 days. The balance due product will get cancelled by the system if balance due is not paid in 7 days or by the PCP cutoff day (whichever comes first). If an OBC is dropped will an email automatically be sent to the guest or do we have a 'grace period' before it goes out to the guest? The balance due emails are not sent immediately after the OBC is dropped. There is a nightly process that sends the email(s) to all the guests that have product(s) in balance due status. In the instance that a booking loses one type of promotional OBC, but qualifies for a new one, the system would automatically update the Pre-Cruise Planner tool and there would be no guest impact. So my understanding is that you will get a balance due notification that you owe money on your cruise planner purchase and you would need to log into the cruise planner within 7 days and settle up the balance. If your cruise is in less than 7 days you have to settle up before the Cruise Planner closes before the cruise.
  7. Yes, it should be. Subject to the $35 ala carte limit. Make sure you let them know you have the package before ordering to avoid issues when the check comes. $35 goes a looooong way at Playmakers.
  8. Thanks! My Alaska sailing dropped $500. This is on top of a price drop that I had last week with the BOGO50% sale. Woo..keep on dropping!
  9. It was never part of the Chops menu on Symphony. They expect you to gorge yourself on seafood in Hooked instead, I guess.
  10. You pack up everything but you can leave hanging clothes in the closet. They will move all your luggage and hanging clothes to the new cabin. You will have to report to a designated area in the morning to go through the B2B reboarding process at a specific time. They will leave you instructions as to the when/where. If you don't have that at the end of your first leg you need to go to Guest Services. Outside of that you are free to roam anywhere on the ship while everyone debarks.
  11. In the US if the cruise is less than your FCC you don't forfeit the amount that you don't use. You can use the FCC on multiple cruise bookings to use it up but the remaining FCC still has the same expiration date/rules.
  12. We hit up Batch Gastropub since we were at the Hampton Inn & Suites next door and they had given us free drink vouchers. Food was pretty tasty too.
  13. We had security posted at a room down the hall from us earlier this month on Allure of the Seas. The door was cracked open an inch the entire time. One of the times we walked by there was a handheld shower attachment sitting on the floor underneath the security officer's chair.
  14. Yes..it works on Harmony. You go into the chat section in the app once you are connected to the ship's wifi and you search for the other passengers by name to add them to your contacts. Then you can message them. It will not notify you that you have a message with any sort of push notification. You have to open the app to check. You don't need Internet to use the Royal app or this feature, you just need to be connected to their wifi. Buying VOOM is what gives you connection to the Internet.
  15. Yes..there's actually a lot to do at CocoCay with no charge. There's even a kiddie splash park area that's outside of the water park which is free. The Oasis Lagoon pool is free. All of the beaches are free and there are plenty of loungers and umbrellas available at zero cost. Snack Shack and the Chill Grill dining is free.
  16. Agree to book early and watch for price drops. Don't make final payment until the 90-day out mark because this will make it easier to take advantage of price drops. If you can't deal with the lengthy commitment make sure you book it with a refundable deposit if possible. Then you won't be out anything for cancelling or changing. My booking for this NYE was locked in early on when prices were released. For example: 2D oceanview balcony - $2671.18 for 2 people Current pricing is $5645.02 for 2 people. I can't compare my inside GTY with anything right now as inside and even ocean view are sold out..but last time I saw them available the price was more than 2x what I paid.
  17. It was 15.99/19.99 for 1 device surf/surf & stream per day onboard Allure at the beginning of September.
  18. Was this a party of 2 for the restaurant hopping? I'm hoping to be able to do this on my Oasis sailing and I figured it would be easy enough to slip in as a solo person for a snack here and there. Have you asked about ordering food and getting it to go? I sometimes prefer that to eating alone if it's an option!
  19. True..but Royal is a very large company and they can afford to not care until customers start voting with their dollars and taking them elsewhere. Considering that they outsource a lot of their customer service when it comes to call centers and selling cruises, it doesn't surprise me. If you call Royal 5 different times with a question you will likely get 5 different answers.
  20. My Allure sailing earlier this month had a sign at the cage directing folks to take out at the slot machines if they wanted cash. As confirmed by above posters, no 5% charge. Let the manufactured spending commence.
  21. Sabor and Wonderland have separate bar areas in the restaurants, so you definitely can at those two.
  22. Not likely. Left hand doesn't speak to the right hand much at Royal. Truth. I heard tons of pool deck noise during the day from my deck 10 CP balcony.
  23. My complimentary bottle of wine from Allure a few weeks ago..conveniently with a twist-off top. Now you know what you're missing out on. The letter was in the room.
  24. My CP balcony was less than an inside when I booked it for this Thanksgiving. Folks on other social media pages have stated they called Royal about this and complained and got their $50 OBC upped to $100 OBC. Can't hurt to try.
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