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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Unfortunately the OBC are not from the TA, rather from Celebrity promotions and a “Best Price” refund. Looks like my wife will get those earrings she wants!
  2. We will be doing a B2B in December. On the second leg we have something like $1300 in OBC but only about $300 on the first leg. Has anyone been successful in transferring their OBC between cruise bookings? Though I'd check with those who might know before I call Celebrity and sit on hold for an hour.
  3. Thanks everyone for your feedback. This morning I was able to switch cabins. Looking forward to October!!
  4. We are reserved in a Celebrity Suite on the Equinox on the "hump" (NOT on a slant). A Celebrity Suite on the back slant of the hump has opened up. I understand they have a larger balcony, but are their other benefits or issues with a slant suite? Thanks for any help. Need to decide if we want to change cabins.
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