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  1. I have never been on MSC. I do listen to Podcasts on Stitcher Radio. I listen to a show called Cruise Radio. They do cruise reviews and cover a cruise pretty throughly. I recently heard one on MSC. Check them out. I found the review quite interesting.
  2. Thank you for your review. We have never done any of these ports. Your post makes me want to even more. Never had a room in this area of a ship either.
  3. We traveled to Jamaica last fall. My husband became ill and was unable to walk once we got back to Atlanta. The walk is very long when you re-enter the US. Probaly a good 45 walk. Delta was awesome. We have Global Entry and he pushed my hubs straight through all the way to the plane. We would have never of made it without help. For this I am grateful for Delta.
  4. I am following this thread. We cruised Northbound from Vancouver to Whittier in 2006. We have always wanted to get back. We retired so booking this iteniary is much easier. Once again we chose May as the prices are good and we seen snow before which was beautiful. This trip we are sailing Southbound. I can’t wait as it is truly the most memorable vacation I have ever taken. I appreciate all of you veterans sharing information.
  5. In 2006 we cruised the Northbound Rt from Vancouver to Whittier on the Diamond Princess. Everything about it was perfect except boarding in Vancouver which was a nightmare. The flights back to Ohio from Anchorage or Vancouver are rough.We wanted to book form next May for our 15th anniversary. We flipped back and forth many times on which to do one way or round trip from Seattle. Seattle is easier and cheaper, a bigger selection of airlines and flights. In the end we booked the Southbound from Whittier on the Grand. We really liked College Fjords also.
  6. Thank you JF. I will order these.
  7. We will be on her next May , sailing Alaska. We have always loved the Princess ships.
  8. Its not redundant to me. I haven't cruised with Princess since 2013. We are booked on The Grand for next May. I know very little about this except it opens your door. Where do we buy these bracelets?
  9. check out YouTube. you would be surprised how many cabins are on there. I found our aft cabin on the Grand on there.
  10. I have cruised 11 times with my first 4 being inside . I truly enjoy a balcony. I enjoyed those first 4 cruises just as much as those with a balcony. Quit stressing on the inside issue and get excited about a trip of a lifetime with your family.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Along with changes in food there were good changes. Fast check in, we literally walked off the ship the last day which was amazing. Hopefully Princess has an app as that was handy . Very excited and glad we chose Princess again for Alaska.
  12. We always found something as they do have some good eating options. The service was good but they were stretched thin. I felt bad for some of them. Like I said great entertainment and we would sail again. Princess does have a good product. I always felt their ships felt like I was on ship and were decorated so nice.
  13. Hello all. I started cruising with Carnival in 1996 . We hopped over to Princess in 2005. We quit cruising and started flying into Islands and staying . We just returned from a 7 day cruise to the Western Caribbean with Carnival. We chose Carnival because we had originally booked for Cuba and it was canceled. We were disappointed and this was basically booked at the last minute. I will say the entertainment was great. So much good music and such a variety of comedians. The food not so much. They had quite a variety outside of the dining room and that was good. The dining room had a small menu, slow service and food was normally not hot just not good. The pay restaurant didn’t compare with Princess. We aren’t picky eaters as we have to drive 40 minutes to get anything other then Subway. The waiters and bartenders were very overworked. We had our room atttended once a day as they are overworked and have so many rooms. Our steward was awesome . It wasn’t like our last Princess ship in 2013. I would cruise with them again but it just wasn’t the same type of vacation. I’m wondering if Princess has changed. I know most things has now days. We are booked on the Grand for Alaska in May. We cruised Alaska in 2005.
  14. We were flying into Jamaica a few yrs ago and were stressing over the same issue as they had the rule. We decided to renew and had them back in 15 and didn’t pay extra. While at our hotel we were talking to another guest also from Ohio. They had flown through Miami. The American Airlines Rep wouldn’t let them in the airplane and they had to return home. I know this isn’t a cruise but this issue is taken seriously. You never know who is gonna say yes or know. Renew and quit worrying and get excited.
  15. I think the kids will have more in Alaska to be engaged in then the Caribbean. So much to look at there no matter how old you are . So glad to hear your husband recovered. My husband was gravely ill a year ago. We are doing a spurge Trip next May ourselves.
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