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  1. I called Friday and got right through. The Zrep I received was a man. He was beyond helpful and nice. I called Delta Sat and was put in a 4 hr. Que . I was called back 4 hours later. My return flight from Vancouver had been completely dropped. Delta was great.
  2. We were flying out of Vancouver after our Princess Cruise May 23 rd. Our flight was cut. I spent 2.5 hours on the phone today with Delta. They made it right but what a mess. We had o change our outbound city to match the new return flight city. They waved all fees and difference of the flights .
  3. We are sailing the Grand in May. I had to call Princess today about something with our cruise. They have special recording and options about The Geand.
  4. We cruised Northbound in 2006 Vancouver to Whittier. Staying one day front and back . We had no more time off work. We don’t regret not doing more. It was our best cruise ever. We are finally going back this May and are doing 2 days extra on our own. Do whatever you can afford and have time for. You will have no regrets.
  5. We booked this same cruise last July because we wanted an Aft cabin. Check out some You Tube Videos. She looks beautiful. We sailed on the Diamond in 2006 on the opposite route.
  6. I believe the Phillips 26 Glacier tour is at 12:30
  7. We canceled a cruise we had booked with FCC. We received a check not credit.
  8. I have been following this post. So we can use our Global Entry leaving Vancouver back to the US.
  9. We cruised Alaska only one time and that was 2006. We have cruised the Caribbean 9 times. The last two were 2013 and last September. We now fly into the Caribbean and stay. We find it 100% different experience then a cruise. Last September we did the Western Caribbean. ( was booked for Cuba but that got canceled.) After flying in and staying we decided we will no longer cruise to the Caribbean. We are bored with it. We just returned from Jamaica and are returning in Oct. We just won’t cruise the Caribbean unless we can do the Panama Canal. With Alaska it is totally different. So much to see an
  10. We cruised Northbound with Princess in 2006 and used a taxi from airport to hotel. This trip we are sailing Southbound with Princess. Should I do ship transfers from ship to airport or hire cab or Uber or Lift ? Thanks in Advance.
  11. I don’t think you will feel out of place if you choose not to wear a suit. When we choose Princess it has nothing to do with how people dress for dinner. It’s because we like their ships . I can’t imagine going on a cruise and spending my time counting how others are dressed.
  12. Thank you both so much for the replies. I think we we go on the first formal evening. I will try to sort through reviews also.
  13. I’m sorry if this has been asked before. I’ve looked and can’t find an answer. We are sailing The Grand , Sat to Sat , Southbound Alaska. Sunday ,Monday and Friday are Sea days . What days will formal be? We are wanting to book the Crown grill on the dressier evening .Thanks in advance. Carolyn
  14. My son is now 36. In the 80’s and 90’s we traveled to Hawaii, all over the US and Caribbean. Never Alaska. I really regret that. Every family is different. He wouldn’t have been a whiner he would have enjoyed it. So much more to see then the Caribbean. Only you knows your kids. Do they enjoy learning and seeing or do they have to be entertained 24/7. So much of Alaska is setting back and taking in the beauty. Good Luck .
  15. If you are worried about sea sickness take Bonine . You can buy it at Walmart . Take one every 24 hours absolutely no side effects . I get motion sickness if I snorkel for several hours. This takes care of it.
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