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  1. Should I still hold out hope for Sept 4th if it's still showing in my account and I haven't received the email? (Totally kidding, I'm sure it'll come soon.)
  2. Thanks for responding! I wasn't sure how to respond, but will do the same as you. You say that you think you guys aren't going. Is that because you don't think you'll get the exemption? Is there something you've seen that shows you might not get it? I'm just trying to know what to look out for. We already have our flights and are planning 3 days at Disney after the cruise, so I went ahead and booked a room at Disney for the days during the cruise that I can cancel 72 hours prior to check in, just in case we don't get the exemption. I'm hoping we have an answer before 3 days out! This is all so nerve wracking!
  3. You are correct, it is the Vaccination Survey that's opened up. There is no completion date.
  4. We are booked to sail on the September 4th Carnival Magic out of Port Canaveral. We have a 3 year old, who can't get vaccinated as of now. I filled out the exemption form last night, but noticed today that our Health Questionnaire that was originally supposed to open September 1 is open today. I easily filled it out for my husband and myself, but for my son, I'm confused. There are three options to the question "Will you have had the 2nd does of the approved vaccine 14 or more days before the start of your cruise?" The options are Yes No, I am not fully vaccinated, but have Covid-19 Vaccination Exemption Letter No, I am not fully vaccinated, and I do not have a Covid-19 Vaccination Exemption Letter I know that I can't say that I have the letter, but filling this out so early, I'm afraid to answer it that I do NOT have the letter. I'm afraid it'll be an automatic no for us. For the past sailings, these have been filled out before 3 days prior to sailing, so people have had the exemption letters in hand. For those who have asked for an exemption for your kids under 12, how did you answer this question? Am I overthinking it?
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