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  1. Then FCC are all they can offer. It’s the same thing. Unless they’re out of business. Then a FCC is worthless anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. Our TA suggested we wait it out as the borders are now closed and the Canadian ports are also closed to cruise ships. I didn’t buy the trip protection because we booked with our Amex platinum. I would prefer 100% refund given I cannot use FCC for the foreseeable future. They can’t keep money for a cruise that’s not going to happen.
  3. As long as it’s before their self imposed 3/31/ cancellation date! 🤣
  4. I think she was asking for peoples “expert” opinions to assist her in making an educated decision. Not sure why there’s all these snarky responses. I wish people would just consider their comments prior to pushing send. I’m waiting and seeing as well because, guess what, half our party will not be able to rebook for next year and losing 50% of my money bc I cancel, before waiting to hear whether the cruise line is canceling or asking if anyone here has heard anything new, is downright stupid.
  5. We were supposed to head out 5/16. Wonder how HAL is going to handle all these refunds?!?
  6. I was trying to figure out what the real difference was between those two tours, the Bennett Lake and the Yukon! I understand not being able to commit to an entire 8 hours of sightseeing. That could definitely be overwhelming! I want to go up to Emerald Lake and prefer to do the train part first for exactly the reason you mentioned. Plus I'm more energetic in the mornings so best to harness that and get out there 🙂 I haven't booked any of the excursions through the cruiseline because I've found that it's cheaper to book through the vendors directly.
  7. hi would you mind sharing why you felt that way?
  8. Thank you, I have. I'm guessing by your repeat business, you really enjoyed it?!
  9. Thank you!!! I've done a ton of research and I am trying to be an educated traveler. Was the day really that much longer?? I feel like the White Pass bus/train loop is 8 hours. Did you like Jayleen?
  10. I so want to do this but my travel partners refuse to get in a helicopter. I was trying to look for flight seeing in the float planes. Any ideas?
  11. Looking for some advice from the destination experts here on CC. Family of 6 booked on the HAL Konigsdam leaving out of Vancouver on 5/16/20. The stops are as follows: Juneau from 1pm-10pm on 5/18 Skagway from 7am-8pm on 5/19 Ketchikan from 10-6pm on 5/21 We were considering the following: Jayleen Alaska in Juneau for whale watching or Mendelhall Glacier, and/or the Glacier flight seeing tour through Wings Airways (or is there another location off the beaten path that would be good to see) The Bennett Scenic Journey (8 hours) which includes the bus and Whit
  12. Yes, I did see that. There’s 1 or 2 at most per port. I didn’t realize that was the promotion. Geez. Thanks HAL 👎🏻
  13. Looks like they had it backwards 🤪 At least now we know that they’re all a fixed price!
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