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  1. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but a good portion of the 'explosion' probably has to do with the fact that Alaska is some of the very first sailings to actually be happening for the US. Vaccinated or not, basically every ship for every cruise line that gets to sail in the US will be at or near whatever reduced capacity they are allowed to sail with.
  2. I have a 4 and a 6, so I completely understand.
  3. Did you read the information shared???? The second photo clearly states "Carnival plans to operate these August sailings with vaccinated guests."
  4. They already announced additional sailings that will require vax for August. Earlier today.
  5. Where did all of the 'calm down, the vaccine requirement is ONLY for July' folks go? I feel bad for families with young children.
  6. If that is the case how is RCCL doing it? They clearly state that ALL pax over 12 must be Vaxed. "For sailings departing before August 1, all Royal Caribbean guests age 16 and older must complete all doses of their COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before their sailing. For sailings departing on or after August 1, the age requirement for vaccination will change from 16 to 12 years of age"
  7. I clearly stated that the vax is available to teens, but remember just a few years ago even your teen would have been targeted by this policy shift. Thank you for your concern over my disappointment for my 'not' teen children.
  8. I have several cruises booked between now and October out of several different ports, for both me any my clients... Nearly all of which have been rescheduled to these dates. Thank you for your assumption.
  9. So, simply because I don't like that families with young children aren't allowed to sail with Carnival I have to go to a different cruise line. Get outta here! News flash not everybody has to have the same opinion as you do.
  10. Well considering that only teenagers are eligible for a vax, that excludes most families with children that are not already adults.
  11. Trying to be optimistic, but it seems that doing everything to include families would be going the test sailing route like RCCL. That way they wouldn't exclude children. If this sticks, I bet they lose at least some loyal customers. I know they make money on drunk party animals, but they also make a ton from families.
  12. It is unfortunate that Carnival is no longer a 'family' cruise line.
  13. No way to tell for sure, but more than likely, a yes response would trigger 'secondary' screening by medical staff.
  14. I would imagine that if Carnival suffers 'losses' (ie. stopping a cruise early, refunds to other guests, etc., etc., etc.) they themselves could sue you... at a minimum.
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