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  1. The time of writing of that article is 7/2019... the carnival site says it is available on all ships. But the article clearly states that you can have it delivered to a stateroom. Since Mandar13077 and I have actually contributed data sources... would you care to provide information to the contrary since you are trying to say that it doesn't exist??????
  2. Actually, it says, ""tell us where on the ship you’re hanging out and, optionally, take a selfie to help the delivery folks find you."" So, you tell them where you are and a picture is OPTIONAL. I would imagine that they can find a cabin if you give them the number 😉
  3. The Carnival website says that this is available on ALL ships fleetwide. You just have to use the Hub app. https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/pizza-delivery#
  4. Not sure if they prioritize by sailing date, but I just got a confirmation/approval exactly 10 days after submission.
  5. Here is an older topic from a few years ago where people actually outline the details of how it works... you get an additional 'key only' card.
  6. I have seen families do this once onboard in order to have cabin keys that work for multiple rooms... you obviously MUST have the guests from each of the cabins that you wish to have permission to enter all there at that time.
  7. Has anybody sailed since the restart and can answer whether or not the WaterWorks and/or pools are open while in port? We like many are waiting for a possible exemption for our littles, but we got to talking about options for port days because of the small numbers of bubble tours currently available.
  8. More than likely they aren't allowing new bookings for FTTF right now. A few of were just lucky enough to have it booked from a while back and were holding out hoping to keep it.
  9. Got mine for September 4th also.
  10. Tons of things play into this, and you are comparing apples to oranges. For example, it is clearly no secret that casino (gambling) offers are significantly better than any other type of VIFP offer. Also, regardless of the offer somebody is booked under (ie. a $200 cruise) they would still qualify for the perks associated with their loyalty tier.
  11. That seems odd, I at least got an auto reply with a 'request number' or whatever.
  12. John Heald specified that because of the shutdown and lack of funds, they are going the luggage tag route for now.
  13. From what I understand, sailing with 95% basically eliminated this need. And, from videos and feedback I have seen from the first sailings, even masks for the unvaccinated are 'recommended'. Depending on where in the country you live, you may know that 'masks recommended' means nonexistent.
  14. This was my first time also. Last week I submitted the entire thing (probably as many pages as you mentioned) with the account number removed.
  15. Depending on the category it could be luck of the draw... did it for an interior once and it assigned my wife (then fiancé) and I a room where the beds couldn't be put together. Needless to say, I got that changed real quick.
  16. I haven't seen anything indicating that, especially for September/October.
  17. Assume and call it whatever you want, I am not going to say 'I don't have an exemption' for my kids when they haven't told me that I am approved or denied.
  18. I answered for my wife and I, but left the kids 'pending' because I didn't want to risk any assumption that I wasn't awaiting an exemption. If/When I get a response on the exemption I will complete the answer for the kids... I currently can't answer if I have an exemption or not since they haven't provided me with that information.
  19. So let me get this right... You are comparing a family, "budget" cruise line to a 4 star/diamond hotel. But, it doesn't just stop there... you are also clearly stating that because a hotel USED to do that prior to COVID that Carnival should still be doing that currently DURING COVID. That's logical 🙄
  20. I see the route that you are going here, my only concern would be somebody enticing the steward with enough money to potentially get them in trouble... IF Carnival is strictly enforcing the 'only enter a cabin once a day' thing. If the steward can be enticed by money AND wont get in trouble... bribe away.
  21. I am only gold, but I definitely feel the same. By no means did I say/mean that ALL diamond/platinum feel this way, only that many people that are complaining seem to throw that out there as some sort of justification.
  22. The sense of entitlement of some people just seems completely out of hand. And blaming this all on COVID and complaining about it now is just a joke. We cruised in September 2019, and even at that point we were asked morning or evening. Hotels have NEVER provided this type of treatment, and it is even worse now. If you want to demand a butler or a maid be there to wipe your nose for you too, book a suite. Even worse is that the people with the biggest issue seem to be diamond platinum, or people who brag about how much they tip (which based on experience bragging typically is more embellishing
  23. Since many people already have travel insurance, and since Carnival is requiring insurance for all unvaccinated guests; What COVID-19 friendly options have people found to insure their trips? And, how expensive/cheap have you found options?
  24. Seems like there is more to this story...
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