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  1. Due to intestinal issues, my wife cannot have dairy (including cheese) or red meat (chicken is ok). I've only been on American cruise lines in the past where there is an expansive menu selection and always a vegetarian option. How do Costa cruises do with accommodating dietary restrictions?
  2. My wife and I are set to sail on the Costa Fortuna in the next few days, but I'm confused about how dinner works if you don't have a set dinner time. With the particular ticket my wife and I bought, we are not able to select a dinner time. It just says "The selected rate does not allow you to select a time for dinner." So what does that mean? Do we just show up to the restaurant whenever we want? Then we have to wait in line or something? There are only two of us so I imagine it shouldnt be too difficult to get a table. Also will we have to share a table with other people? Just not sure what to expect at this point.
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