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  1. Happy Friday All, I should consider myself blessed/lucky. It is unfortunate to hear everyone's wait time and I wish everyone the best. We have also received a full refund (confirmed our amount) for our cruise and the amenities we purchased (soda package, massage, 3 nights dinner package for 4, cupcake decorating class, Voom for 2, etc..). Our Cruise was originally scheduled for April 12 and we canceled on April 1. Received the refund on one card on April 10 and the other on April 14. Then we received an email from RCCL also confirming the refund and cancellation.
  2. I have been researching them also for our upcoming cruise. I will be reaching out to them for a private tour. has anyone taken a private tour with them?
  3. Hello All, Hoping the recent NCL Star cruisers (and others) can assist. Do they sell unlimited digital photo packages on the ship? If they do, does someone know the price? Do you know which night(s) and what time(s) the canvas paintings are held? Thank you all
  4. I just received the following email below. We had originally planned to do the coast line for the views but with the tour company’s statement of traffic I wanted your help. How bad bad is the traffic in the last week of August and which tour would you recommend? “Your tour is fast approaching and we would need you to please let us know which of the two options offered you prefer 1). Over the top best of our coastline tour (without Blue cave) or 2). Blue Cave, Perast, Our Lady of the Rocks island and Kotor tour only by speed boat. Our summer is very hect
  5. Hello All, I received the upgrade offer email. I am very happy with the mini suite booked especially with the location but I am intrigued with the suite offers on the Star. Do I have to bid the minimum they listed? I wouldn't be upset the slightest if I didn't win but wanted to bid anyway. For example the SG Penthouse is listed from $400 PP. Do I have to bid at least $400 or can I bid lower? I understand that the probability of upgrade will be lower. Just curious if the system won't accept it at all. I didn't try it yet. Thank you
  6. Thank you so much. This is awesome. I greatly appreciate the information. You have been a depth of information.
  7. Thank you for the updates if possible, would you be able to share with us the process to get tender tickets for non suite passengers - when and where do they start distributing tickets? How early should we get in line? ... thank you
  8. Out of curiosity- does NCL tell you the minimum bid? Safe to assume you keep your perks, such as dining package or any other free package if you bid and win? thank you
  9. Thank you for the posts. We are also on this cruise in August and would love to hear everyone's opinions. We have booked excursions in all ports except Mykonos where we will walk around town and go to the beaches.
  10. Thank you for the information makes sense.
  11. Hello, Just curious, for all the ships that are being upgraded with the AMPED feature, will they have the wristband option (for those ships that already don’t have it) after the upgrade? Thank You
  12. 😁 getting excited. We are scheduled for April 202
  13. Where can I find what changes will be made on FOTS during this dry dock?
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