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  1. Hello All, I want to host a meet and greet on the NCL Encore for the 4 day to Bermuda April 22-26 out of NYC. Are Meet and Greets only limited to 7 or more day cruises? Thank you for any input!!!
  2. Hi Tulok, I have seen this on my app as well. I think it is because they do not update the costs until a certain amount of time out from the cruise. Your cruise is coming up in a couple of weeks. I would contact NCL directly and make them aware of this issue and see how they can help. Both of my cruises are a long ways out so I am not to concerned but your cruise is close so I would contact them. Hope this helps.
  3. I am glad they will be in a different age group. It would be better for both my daughters to mingle with kids in their respective age groups.
  4. We are in the same boat. If I tell them both that they have do something they do it. I am going to 100% sign them up for the kids club because they are both so outgoing that I think meeting other kids would be great. I may do the after hours if it is worth it. We will have a balcony also. That is my main concern only because we are on the 12th floor and they really have never experienced a balcony in their lives. I know they will both listen to not go out on it without us present but I still am a nervous mommy!! LOL
  5. I just cannot see my 9 and 11 year old at the time of the cruise being in the room by themselves, and especially with a balcony. No thank you!
  6. Thank you for this information. My children, also, being 9 and 11 at the time of the cruise, and also well behaved, due to my old school upbringing of them will be on their best behavior. I am going to have the items removed. As far as them roaming the cruise ship on their own, I don't think so. This is my own personal preference and I don't think my husband will go for that either. I trust my kids, however, I do not trust human nature.
  7. Thanks Jamie. I will 100% tell her to pay for her drinks outright. I am not having my UBP revoked and neither is my mother. I do not like to go against anything or anyone's policies. That is just who I am. I cannot wait for this cruise to get here. April 2020 cannot come fast enough. We also booked an 11 Day on NCL Gem to the Southern Caribbean for January 2021. I already found a place to have dinner when in San Juan, PR. I like to research the places ahead of time.
  8. I think I will just make sure that they remove it completely. I think I am correct in saying my 9 and 11 year old will not be allowed in the cabin without an adult present. Is this correct? If so, then I guess myself and my husband are safe.
  9. Thanks Karl. I do not care where they store it, I just want to make sure that my kids don't get curious and say oh look what mischief we can get into. My oldest is a STEM student(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and I can just see her and the 9 year old trying to experiment something at mine and my husbands expense. Lol
  10. That would be so cool if you were on the same cruise as us. We are not a shy group for sure, after all we are from NY lol. We wanted to start our first cruise off small so this 4 day to Bermuda is perfect. Sometimes the UBP can be confusing but thanks for the info. My mom and dad have the UBP for their room but my sister who is 29 and her son who is 2 are the 3rd and 4th guest so my sister does not have the UBP. Should she just pay for her drinks outright? I do not want to do anything illegal like getting her a drink on my UBP? I do not like doing anything that may cause problems.
  11. Good Morning fellow cruisers, This will be my family's first cruise on NCL Encore out of NYC 2020. Just a quick question: Is it possible to have the minibar emptied before getting into our cabin? My children will be 9 and 11 when we sail and I would much rather them not have access to anything in the minibar fridge, alcohol or soda. I am securing them each a soda package so I do not think they will need anything from the fridge and I don"t see myself or my husband indulging in any of the alcohol in the cabin. TIA for any information that will be helpful
  12. Thank you Jamie for the information. Myself, my husband, my two kids, my mom, dad, sister, her son, my aunt and uncle are all taking the NCL Encore cruise in April of 2020 out of NYC to Bermuda and it will be our first. I am so excited I cannot wait. We also booked an 11 day on the Gem for January of 2021. Just trying to get as much info as possible as this will be our first.
  13. My husband and I have the UBP for the NCL Encore cruise to Bermuda April 2020. With the drinks menu listed above, does this mean, for example, i choose to drink Mr. Worldwide, am I paying for that outright or is that covered under the UBP? We also handled all gratuities ahead of time when we booked and payed for cruise in full. Just asking since it will be our first cruise. TIA for any info.
  14. I have had this same experience with negative reviews. My first cruise will be on the Encore and this is a new ship, so, the review of it will be my own. The second cruise we are taking will be on the Gem. I have heard so many negative reviews, however, my Aunt has been on the Gem twice and she said she has never encountered a problem. I will go with that review from a family member who has an eyewitness account of the daily day on the Gem. My mom set up this cruise and the next one as an impulse also. I cannot wait and your family will have fun too.
  15. Thank you for the list. I have already downloaded it to my computer and will be taking it with me on my cruise in 2020. I think I am going to attempt to make a couple before the cruise to see how I like them. Thanks again.
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