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  1. Interesting website - thanks for sharing. Anyone have a discount code for it?
  2. I was only using "San Diego hotel" as an example of a search. I do know to be in the correct forum relative to my search. Thanks all for the earlier tips - definitely helpful.
  3. I have been chided on forums for lacking search skills. I have waded through pages looking for info before posting an inquiry. Is there a search engine inside the forum to enter ie "San Diego hotel"? The big search magnifier certainly doesn't work for that. I don't see a search engine inside the forum such as tripadvisor has on their forums (and I can navigate searches easy there) Or is wading the only way to get there so as not to bother readers with repetitive questions?
  4. Thanks all. I booked BW Plus Bayside, bay view with a balcony, and breakfast. $180 US Hope the pool area is nice. It was between it and Wyndham SD Bayside, and the BW is rated a lot higher on Tripadvisor and was $20'ish less. Hubby is on list for double hip replacement so we won't be walking to the pier!
  5. Thanks for the helpful replies. Guess my search skills need to be worked on.
  6. Thanks CruiserBruce. I browsed the most recent 6 - 7 pages before asking my bothersome question, but then the posts were getting quite old (2018). Google is my friend so I will keep searching. Perhaps someone will let me know if I should be looking in the downtown area, airport area, or in the marina area. So much water in San Diego so not sure if there is a more than one marina.
  7. What area should I narrow my search to in San Diego for a pre-cruise night in a hotel within 15 - 25 min drive to Port? Is it Marina? or Downtown? etc I have a cruise booked for end of Feb (hopefully it sails!) and would like to find a room around $200 - 250 US. That's $300+ CDN to me! I've read the San Diego port is similar to Ft Lau, as in the airport is very near the port. Yay.
  8. Hi EbayCruiser. Off topic but hope you see this message. Please tell me what large veranda cabin you had on Koningsdam per your post below. TIA I just spoke with my PCC and she can look on her deck plans and tell you the actual sq. footage of the stateroom and the sq. footage of the balcony. Of course, she said it could change but that is the sq. footage that they have listed at this time for that specific room. I thought that was pretty interesting. She helped me pick a V category stateroom with a HUGE 125 sq. ft. balcony.
  9. Interesting article. I like this paragraph : "Obviously there are a lot of rumors about the cruise industry, and I would say 99% of the things people say are false. Everybody thinks we're underpaid, which is not true. You know, let's just say people of 38 different nationalities, they're being paid in U.S. dollars—they take that back to the Philippines or Indonesia—that's a lot of money they're making per month. They’re supporting families. They make a great living, and as an American citizen, I've made a great living and a great life on the ship" How come no one that cruises believes her?
  10. Yes. We cancelled about 20 days out from our March 29 cruise. Got about 60% back on cc and the balance as FCC. Our TA looked after all of it.
  11. We replaced our April 10 day Panama cruise on Zuiderdam with a 7 day Mexico cruise on KDam in October. The FCC covers the cost as we got about 60% refunded. I am hoping the cruise will be able to happen. We booked as a use-it-or-lose-it on FCC.
  12. I can't see it anywhere. It kicks me out when I go to make a payment. It must know it is already paid for. (Sailing hopefully in 20 days) Would love to find it!
  13. Our cruise is March 29th. As long as Westjet will take me to / from Fort Lau, we are going on the cruise. If flights get cancelled - game changer.
  14. I got right through using 1 800 541 1576. I canceled my cabana as I THINK I should be able to find a prime deck chair starting March 29. And check your gmail junk folder. HAL sent out emails to everyone but lots went to junk. I read mine today but it was sent days ago. It fully explains what their plan is.
  15. Bottomless mimosas sounds great. I didn't see it mentioned on their menu. Is it offered every day? Like the original poster, our flight is after 2 so we have a few hours to kill. And since FLL airport doesn't have an airport lounge, I too am looking for a place to lounge a few hours with luggage.
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