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  1. My husband has some hip issues and can't easily step into a regular bathtub. Anyone know if the tubs on Zuiderdam have a lower step over than a regular home bathtub? Z's cabins have a tub/shower combo, we won't be using a tub other than to have a shower. I have a roll in shower cabin (VA category) booked but if tub entry is low, my cabin selection opens up. I saw a Disney ship video and their tub entry looks very easy which makes me inquire about Zuiderdams. TIA
  2. I am glad my Westjet flights in early April will be booked on a different plane. I was a bit nervous they were going to be with the Max 8. I am a jittery flyer no matter the plane!
  3. Thanks for the review. I have PC booked on Zuiderdam next year. I was on her on an Alaska cruise a few years ago. I hope no scooters run me down. I agree, they often feel like they own the aisle. Questions: When did you book the cabana? Did you watch any movies in the theatre? Did you visit any beaches? (Other than Half Moon)
  4. Drink cards were honored at RCCL island. Staff wrote drink orders on a receipt; I assume entered by hand back on ship to account for inventory, etc.
  5. Did they announce the impromptu happy hour? I am booked on Zuiderdam and love happy hour! It was great on Eurodam a few years back; even bucket of beers were discounted with happy hour.
  6. Does anyone have a picture of what a roll-in shower is like? My hubby has hip troubles and would have issues entering a step in tub to shower. He is not officially handicapped but does walk with a unusual gait. Would I be able to book a cabin (looking at VA8032) that has a roll-in shower or are they saved for wheelchair guests?
  7. Do daily cabana rentals include a bottle of bubbly? The video shows the weekly rental on Eurodam got that and fruit daily.
  8. @57redbirdThe ones I think they are have a handicap symbol so I can't book them. Any idea what floor you were on or if you were mid, front or aft?
  9. You posted this under a Zuiderdam question: "We also were able to get one of the "bump out" cabins, in which the cabin and balcony angles out. This should give us a bit more space in the cabin, but more importantly will allow us a better forward view." What are the "bump out" cabin numbers? Did you post a review?
  10. This is the 10 day itinerary I may go with: Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Half Moon Cay, Bahamas - At Sea - Oranjestad, Aruba -Willemstad, Curacao- At Sea - Panama Canal - Gatun Lake, Panama - Panama Canal -Colon, Panama - Puerto Limon, Costa Rica - At Sea - At Sea - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  11. These must be longer cruises. I am looking for ones under 14 days and have only seem Island and Caribbean Princess and ms Zuiderdam. I mean best itinerary I think. Some go to Aruba and Curacao, and others don't. I haven't been to many of the ports (other than Half Moon) so I don't know much about the ports. I don't know whether to be swayed by "perks" or to go with a nicer ship, itinerary, etc. I should add - Feb - April months are all options for my cruise.
  12. How can I tell if the ship will be using the old locks? I am looking for a Panama cruise April 2020 for our 40th anniversary celebration. Can anyone lead me to the best choices?
  13. Thanks for blogging. I am looking at every cruise line for my European cruise we plan to go on in 2020. Really want one that touches Ireland and Scotland. Can't wait for 2020 itineraries to be out.
  14. I have printed the above map and directions - thanks! Let us know how it worked out. I am on mariner mid November. There is an older post in this forum with a walking route that I am also taking.
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