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  1. Hi Everyone And We Are A Very Short 86 Days Away Until I Board The Lovely Harmony Of The Seas. So Leading Up To Cruise Day I Hope To Do Some Day Trip To Port Canaveral To See Some Ships Sail Away And Sail In. And Today I Saw The Carnival Breeze Pulling Out Port For A Seven Night Caribbean Voyage. After The Breeze Left The Channel The Local Gambling Ship, Victory One Made Here Way In To Her Pier. After The Victory One Docked. The Disney Fantasy Made Her Way Out Of The Port. Sadly Today. There Where No Royal Ships In Port Canaveral.
  2. Thank You All For Following Along!!! I Wil Try Too!! Sweet. I Cant Wait Until Then!! I'm May Swing By When I'm On The Flowrider.
  3. Hi Everyone And Welcome To My Liveish Blog On Harmony Of The Seas. I Am Going To Start The Blog A Little Soon So I Can Have Time To Write About What Mine Plans Are For This Sailing. I hope You Will Follow Me For This Cruise Adventure!!!
  4. Thanks For The Review. I Do Think The Lines For The Water Sides Will Get Shorter Soon!
  5. I Thought The Jones Act Only Applies To Sailings Out Of A Us Port. But You End In Canada. This Makes No Since?
  6. Thanks. Once I Had A Super Weird Experience On The Flowrider. So I Was On The Bodyboard On Oasis And I Was Doing This Trick Where You Splash The Crowd. Which The Staff Do All The Time. But One Run One Of The Staff Got Mad At Me For Doing It. But When I Talked To The Other Staff And Manger He Said That That Trick Was Allowed And I Can Do It All I Want. Anyway That Was My Weird Experience.
  7. Hello Great Blog So Far! Are The Flowrider Staff Letting You Do A Shove It On This Ship. Thanks
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