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  1. Check the letter in your stateroom. Ours said it could be used in MDR on Oasis (I took letter with me the first night). On Liberty the letter stated he could not be used in MDR. I found that staff was not always aware when you could/couldn't so, we relied on the letter that states the benefits in the cabin.
  2. I wonder who will be the CD on the Radiance for Vancouver to Hawaii in early September? Cuddy said on his Facebook page that he returns to Navigator in August.
  3. yes. Anyone can swim although it is quite rocky where the clamshells are. We walked to a different beach to swim due to the rocks.
  4. I was able to use them in the MDR on Oasis. The C and A letter in the stateroom indicated that was the case. That being said, I was charged on night one, but Maitre D caught the error and apologized. On night 2 I brought the letter with me just to be sure.
  5. They are in fact on Adrenaline Beach. We liked them for a shady place to sit. We walked across the little road to the beach there to swim as adrenaline is very rocky. We also wore water shoes even on other beaches due to rocks/coral.
  6. My hip has never set off the metal detector on a cruise. It does set it off in some airports, but then I just get wanded and/or patted. I usually mention the hip in an airport, but in Mexica they just told me to walk through and it did not set it off. It seems that some are more sensitive than others.
  7. If the cabin sleeps 4 it may have a Pullman and a sofa bed. That is the situation we hadon a previous cruise.
  8. 19 is a hard age...they can use the casino but typically don't have the money, and they are too young to drink. As a consequence I would choose Oasis class because there are more options of things to do and see.
  9. Check your benefit letter in your cabin when you arrive. On the Oasis last month it clearly stated that vouchers were honored in the MDR. We were charged the first night but it was reversed once we talked to the head waiter. On the allure earlier I the year, it was not listed on the benefit sheet.
  10. We asked for them on the Oasis and received a plate of them each night (except the first night). They are my husband's favorite!
  11. APDMOM. it was good to meet you on board! We loved the Oasis!! I found the coffee machine in the Diamond lounge to be one of my favorite perks!!
  12. Thanks for the review. We have this cabin on the July 3 cruise. We are getting so excited!!
  13. I do not think this service is available at Bayonne. It is only available at certain ports. The website does not list Bayonne for either celebrity or royal.
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