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  1. the times i see going out is either november,december,january, and february was time frame i was planning on cruising. how was the weather and the water in your february/march trip? i did check out some of the excursions however i sometimes like to explore places on my own or get ideas online elsewhere so also possible ports you can mostly walk to stuff so i maybe don't have to take taxis at every port. i saw online the one port has dogs/animals just walking around but i can't remember which one that is do you by chance know or have heard this? Also with not doing excursions and experiencing things on our own i had planned to head back to the boat for a late lunch that way i didn't have to worry about overcrowding on shore or possible food sitting out for while and getting sick. i saw you mentioned watching the time, is the ship leaves the port at 5 what time do you recommend being back on the ship or heading back?
  2. Thank you for your feedback it was much appreciated! I did check the other forums areas and saw nothing specific about some ports so figured I’d start own thread to get some questions answered. The weather is fine by me I lived in Florida for some time so I get the weather haha and I planned on going maybe November anywhere to February so the weather is still nice but not blistering hot. My last resort if I did not want to get off at a port was to just stay on the ship however I did not want to pick a cruise and literally never getting off the ship haha so I do not oppose staying on ship howevwe I would like to get off at least one port preferably 2. I was drawn to grandeur because the cruises are tad longer and better ports however carnival is def cheaper and heard food is tad better however very limited in their itineraries so that’s the only bad thing about pride bc I wish they had a few different ports.
  3. I am looking at booking a cruise though carnival out of baltimore however i can't decide on ports of call that i would like to visit/stop at. Most of the itineraries stop in nassau and freeport so i do not have much of a choice in those aspects if i travel those special dates however other choice i have are grand turks, princess cay, and half moon as the third stop. Was wondering personal pros and cons for fellow cruisers for each or why you stay away from certain ports and which ones did you like best. Thanks
  4. I could be closer 5 hours for me and the price isn’t too drastic between the ports for me to choose to go outta there, because I’d have gas and tolls and I’d want to be there the night beforehand because anything could happen on the way haha so I’d have a room also extra so I could yes but to me would be more of a hassle and actually more money for myself.
  5. the only difference i feel is even though im younger compared to some cruise goers but im a bit more for the quiet side and not a lot of kids however from just people opinions i feel the grandeur is bit outdated ? but i may be wrong? But the grandeur peaks my interest because of the tad longer cruises out of baltimore so that is where im torn. Thats great to hear about your experience i know every cruise can have different crowds however but hope you enjoy your cruise next month! And thank you haha i have yet to jump the gun on a specific boat and book a deposit but i know the earlier the better so.
  6. Thats great to hear! im glad you enjoyed your cruise and happy cruising to your upcoming cruise! Thats great to hear that was one aspect of a cruise i was worried about was how everyone is, i know even thought its 2019 people are still close-minded but everyone has their own opinions i just did not want to have a bad time from anyone being rude or anything as such, so definitely good to hear!
  7. Baltimore port is only 2 hours from us so it’s definitely the go to port for us to depart from. We want to spring for balcony and I know carnival is def cheaper in that aspect that the grandeur was and have hurt a lot of good things from non gay travelers on their ship and they said they enjoy it! I was just reluctant to pick either or because my wife and I would def not be over the top or affectionate but you can def tell we are gay, so I did not want staff or such treating us differently or possibly rudely during the cruise. So thank you for your feedback!
  8. So glad I read this! I know some parts are not very gay friendly however the only cruises that I can work out and times are parts of Bermuda and Carribean so I was wondering If there is any more ports to try and stay away from if possible? I mean it’s not like my wife and I would be overly affectionate esp different areas we would stop at but I would want to feel a bit at ease or safe at the ports if possible.
  9. That’s the thing I am not sure exactly where I want to go part of me wants to hit some of the Bahamas but some ppl say that was least favorite other part of me kinda wants to see southern Carribean so I do not know. I know once you go to a place you know if you like it or not I just am trying to figure out somewhat so I do not get back and say man I disliked every port but I know till I experience it for myself I do not know. Also I am a more laidback person however I’m torn because once I’m on the ship idk if I will tend to be More laidback in aspect of just relaxing more and just going with the flow or would I rather be on a ship and there be a lot going on and to choose from idk. Haha one of my bad traits I’m indecisive.
  10. My original thought I figured near atrium would be noisy but I’m getting different feedback thankfully! I also appreciate the feedback about not being near any food venues onboard. I just want to have a balcony I’m leaning toward without crazy noise so with all the feedback feel have good idea areas I need and ones to stay away from.
  11. Howdy! I wanted to travel between that time frame as well bc I know it’s gonna be hot I lived in Florida for a short time haha but I don’t want it to be too miserable for everyone in my party. How was those months for you once you made it to the ports? I’m also worrying myself about what to do if I get off and have a small bag with me with water and few other smaller things and I want to get into the water I do not know what to do with them or thinking it may get taken?!
  12. I know some ppl will like a ship others dislike and vice versa but I want to pick something I don’t feel is a waste of a trip for first going. If I go cruising and realize it is not for me then I’ll know haha but thank you for your feedback! Sadly that’s the only port Id go out of bc the amount of money it would take elsewhere I’d rather save that money. I am looking into the grandeur of the sea but everyone is saying it is very expensive for a balcony like price hike and a lot older crowd. Was this since the remodel or before?
  13. I live around 2 hours from Baltimore so that port is a no brained for when I do book. Was 7 days felt too long for you? Also why not Bahamas bad experience?
  14. I’ve heard good things about grandeur however with it being our first cruise we wanted to treat ourselves with a balcony if possible. And carnival pride is actually the other one in the running due to the price and the balconies being much cheaper and not such a price hike than grandeur. How did the two cruise lines compare to each other for you personally?
  15. Thank you so much for this!! Much appreciated!
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