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    MSC "Lirica" entertainment

    [quote name='cmjaffe']Wonder if the Elena is the "same" as on the 12/17 Lirica sailing... she did this anoying "laugh" (like woody woodpecker...) Manuella just returned back to the ship as well as Sara and, yes, Paolo WAS the pompous CD... glad he left.[/QUOTE] Was the Elena from your 17 December sailing short, thin, with dark brown hair and green eyes? That's how the "Elena" from my sailing looked like. She was the chief entertainer; ran the line dancing exercises and stretches with Diego. She was very nice (most of the animation members from my sailing were:-) and I hugged her with an arrivederci when I left. I don't remember the laugh, wow that's quite a laugh if it sounds like Woody Woodpecker, :-) If it is the same girl, I don't think she is on the ship anymore or she has left temporarily, someone who posted here recently about their sailing on Lirica from 9 March to 20 March said that there was a guy named Florindo who was chief entertainer. I hope that the others (Manuela, Sara Claudio, and Diego) I remember from August 05 are still there in July when I sail, they were great! as for the food issue I didn't mind it. It was decent. Heck it was Italian which I love (I ordered pasta, risotto, and vegetable dishes because I don't eat meat) not to mention I didn't have to cook it. :-)
  2. NYCruiserEternal

    Musica not coming to USA

    [quote name='forecastle']In case anyone missed it CEO R.Sasso advised Musica will stay in Europe and no MSC ship will be crusing from NY this season anyway.[/QUOTE] No MSC ships are coming to US shores anymore this year? Does that mean that MSC Lirica won't be coming to NYC in April 2007?
  3. NYCruiserEternal

    MSC "Lirica" entertainment

    [quote name='deck chair']I took the LIRICA for an eleven day cruise returning on 2/15/06. The cruise director was ANDREA who did a fabulous job along with his whole team...Too bad the food was as mediocre as it was. Patrick in Baltimore[/QUOTE] That's good that Paolo is no longer the cruise director on Lirica, he was CD when I sailed. I felt he was mean and obnoxious to the pax (especially the children) with his "jokes" before and after the theatre performances. A couple of the people from the entertainment team agreed with me on this. Do you remember any of the people's names on the animation team?
  4. NYCruiserEternal

    MSC "Lirica" entertainment

    Hi, Does anyone know who are the current animation/entertainment team members onboard MSC "Lirica?" I last traveled on the "Lirica" in August of 2005 when she was in the Mediterranean and may travel with her again this upcoming July when she will be in Europe. I wonder if I will see some of the same wonderful energetic folks. The names I remember from August '05 are Elena Langella (the chief entertainer, or [I]capoanimatore[/I] (in Italiano:) ), Manuela, Alessandra, Claudio, Sara, Gianpaolo (sp?) I can't remember anymore names, I wish I got their contact info, but.. Hopefully, I will see some of them again--they made my trip absolutely FANTASTIC :) "Quando quando quando" and the funny pool contests had me in stitches!