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  1. One-way via taxi was $6 per person on Dec. 24, 2019.
  2. I remember hearing it at times but I guess I tuned it out mostly. I enjoy Christmas music but I don't want to hear it 24/7. I don't recall it getting on my nerves. I sailed Christmas week on Oasis this past year. All of the other Christmas activities are planned and listed in the Compass so you can bypass any you don't want to participate in. It is very decorated with Christmas things.
  3. I can't believe I left off this feature! I love sitting outside off the Windjammer as we sail away!
  4. I also recommend Radiance class for you. It's not over the top big. It's midsize and offers many great things. There will be kids but not as many as on the larger ships with more bells and whistles. The solarium pool area is as great place for adults (16+ up) with comfy lounge chairs. A feature I like on this ship is that there are also great public spaces (Schooner Bar, The Colony Club, The Viking Crown) with lots of windows for fantastic views. Even the elevators have an outside view so you can see the ocean. The Diamond Lounge is a great place to be in the evenings for complimentary cocktails (and hors d'oeuvres) plus it is surrounded by windows for more great views. I've been on Brilliance and Jewel and I'll go on Radiance this summer. There are special dining restaurants available if you want to do that. Royal ships have wonderful live music in many venues so take advantage of that. Enjoy!
  5. My daughter turned 18 in Oct. 2018 and she was downgraded to Diamond for June 2019 and Dec. 2019. I consider that recent.
  6. They do downgrade. When my daughter turned 18, she went down to Diamond (based on her own individual cruise points). It makes her mad that my 16-year-old has my Diamond+ status.
  7. When I got divorced, I called Crown & Anchor and had my ex removed from my account. He hasn't cruised since we divorced but if he ever decides to, he's not getting my Diamond+ status. You can remove your ex so he doesn't get to take advantage of your cruises. 🙂
  8. I had my 2 free WiFi days on my Christmas cruise. I kept my phone in airplane mode but used the ship's WiFi.
  9. I was onboard for the Christmas cruise and everyone that was in standby was able to see the show. We had reservations for a different night for Aqua80 and because of potentially bad weather we went to the late night showing the first night. We went prepared to stand in the standby line but it was about 15 minutes until showtime and they just let us go in because they knew there would be plenty of seats. Same for the other shows, I was looking around when it was about 10 minutes until show time and there were always plenty of seats. Also, they only wanted one person per cabin to scan their card so there is that. 🙂
  10. I'm sorry you didn't have a good Christmas spirited cruise. I thought Oasis did a great job with celebrating Christmas on board. There were many activities including Santa's arrival and gifts for kids, an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Christmas caroling, egg nog on the promenade (spiked too) on Christmas Day, reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas, special Christmas menu (ham and turkey were both options), Christmas music piped in, midnight mass on Christmas Eve plus non-denominational service on Christmas Day, card from Housekeeping and a Santa made of towels. I thought Oasis provided many opportunities to celebrate.
  11. That may be her. My sister said she overheard her tell someone she was just in from China.
  12. Agree with the assessment of DL concierge! Didn’t see her out of her seat until the last night. My family is also booked on Allure for Christmas 2021!
  13. So excited Allure is coming! We are booked for Christmas 2021! Just off Oasis for the first time and I love this class of ship!
  14. My family had an awesome time! This was my first time on an Oasis class ship and we loved her! It didn’t seem like we were cruising with more people. We are used to cruising during the holidays. Our interior cabins were in a small hallway on Deck 8 forward and we loved the location and strolling through Central Park daily. Our stateroom attendant Bob was awesome! The food we ordered in the dining room was all good and servers were excellent. We did My Time and only had the same servers twice (Day 5 and 7). Everyone was excellent. we also had lunch in the dining room on two sea days. We didn’t do any specialty restaurants this time. We did fine in Park Cafe, Windjammer, Dog House, and El Loco Fresh. We thought the performers in the shows were great and the shows were well-done. Our favorite was Aqua 80. We loved the Beatlemaniacs in the Music Hall and the midnight party on the 1st night. The washy washy guy on Deck 3 of the dining room was awesome with his nightly costumes and dancing. I was bummed the weather caused our excursion cancellation in St. Thomas because I had never been there before. But we found a local grill and the Painkillers eased our disappointment. It was also our first time at Labadee and we enjoyed our bungalow at Columbus Cove. we loved the ship so much we are booked on Allure for Christmas when she comes to our home port of Galveston.
  15. My kids have cruised the exact same amount of days. When my daughter turned 18, we got her own Crown and Anchor account. She received credit for every cruise she did (double for suites and when they use to do double for December sailings). She’s a Diamond in her own. Her younger brother carries my Diamond Plus status and it makes her mad. 😂
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