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  1. Loved the owner's suite on our Mediterranean Odyssey cruise. And it's funny how popular you become. lol.
  2. Yes, but you must call first to make wishes known. I was surprised this morning with a refund in less than a week!
  3. Well, Royal Caribbean is going back to the well for more?.. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/royal-caribbean-makes-quick-return-to-bond-market-for-more-cash-1.1445613 In other news, I got my refund in less than a week. Way to go Viking.
  4. Not sure I have the faith in Viking to risk it. Although perhaps on a VO ship might be the safest place to be right now unless you're on the space station
  5. We went in Late May early June. Weather was great. Not too many schools out yet so not unbearable until you got to the Vatican.
  6. I should find out today how these are going to be priced. If the 10 year treasury is at 0.66% and Viking has to pay 14% to issue debt - well you can see what the market thinks of their credit worthiness. And offer the ships as collateral.
  7. I'm talking in this case (and my case) a third party policy.
  8. If Viking cancels, your policy has to cover those other items. Regardless of why Viking cancels. If they try and say they won't they're just avoiding the payout and hope that you won't fight them. Fight them in court if you have to.
  9. I'm pretty sure you can appeal that. Or at least I would.
  10. Well, that's exactly why I have been waiting to cancel. Because I need Viking to cancel so I can get insurance to cover. Otherwise, I'm looking at an expiring very expensive credit on Delta. And Viking.
  11. That's what I would like to know. I need them to cancel to get my airfare back based on travel insurance. Both third parties from Viking.
  12. I called Viking this week trying to get more info about them canceling cruises into July, but was not successful.
  13. Hey, we are still waiting on Viking to pull the plug on that mid-July run to Russia and the Baltic's. It still hasn't happened yet and I see that Viking has opened up the booking on the excursions. Didn't someone say that if your plan is to do the 125% OBC, that when you get the credit it is against the shore excursions as well? I mean would you plan to make money on the proposition of booking excursions knowing that they will be canceled and you'd get 25% credit against them? Better odds than the blackjack table at least.
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