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  1. We've shifted to the one in the reverse direction at mid Feb to early March 2023. Thanks for your guidance. We've also dropped this "Best of" excursion. Will likely try to make our own plans to see Alice Springs.
  2. Original one I was scheduled on it sounds like. Thanks again. I will look into deferring until February .
  3. Could you clarify that statement about the "major summer holiday period"? I'm assuming you mean that means that it just at the height of summer vacation season. I know that we will be seeing crowds, but that will likely be unavoidable. February might be a possibility. Thanks everyone for your replies.
  4. Thanks for the replies. The timeframe I am looking at is early 2023.
  5. I'm looking for information on if anyone has been on the 6 night pre-excursion in Australia that Viking calls "Best of Australia". Here is a link to the itinerary. I always cringe a little bit when they discuss about taking you into "native" country wondering if it is all just a touristy show and not real life. https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/cruise-destinations/asia-australia/australia-new-zealand/index.html#modal/10074581322 Cost is $4K each.
  6. Correct. We had one suite size lower, and got the email 2 days prior to our flight departure. I thought someone was pranking me. Called into Viking to make sure. Only thing we can figure is that because we let it be known we were on a significant anniversary, and because whomever had the OS must have canceled, they figured they could mitigate their losses this way. Because there were some on waiting list for ES suite like we had planned.
  7. oh you mean Olivera? Yeah she was great. Now imagine her when we were a day and a half late getting to the ship thanks to American Airlines. All that pent up energy she has? Nothing to do but wonder if we were gonna make the trip. I wish we had taken more advantage of the wine but I was happy to have my woodford reserve most nights. I think in our case, we didn’t have a private disembark. But we were not going to airport right away. We stayed at least one night in Barcelona. ive been worried about people like Olivera and Sarah on the ship. I hope Viking has t
  8. That would be brilliant Jane. It truly was a surreal experience.
  9. The one we took on Viking's dime was a combination trip of Herculaneum & Naples. They are kind of far apart so hard to do via bus. My wife had found this shop online which hand made Cameo earrings in Naples, so we went there and watched the demonstration on how they make them. The great thing about going to Herculaneum on a private tour is that you can get there early before all the boat buses arrive. The next one was Florence and the last one in Barcelona. The great thing about having the private tour in Barcelona is she was able to arrange for a tour inside of La Sagrad
  10. 1. Will Viking provide OJ in our mini bar? there will be a college dorm sized fridge. Actually, smaller than the mini bar in most cabins. But you can get whatever you want at the explorer's lounge 2. Can we take wine from the cabin to dinner? I'm not sure. Never tried that 3. Do we need to have the Silver Spirits package to access the wine and in room cocktail hour? No. We didn't have a drink package, but not big drinkers. Order from the room and drinks are free 4. Is the glass in the sauna one way? No. People outside the boat could see in. I only us
  11. The view would be available into the owner's suite conference room but only if the owner suite side opened the curtain up.
  12. Some pictures from our in room party.
  13. I heard that I was being paged to this topic about the owner's suite. What can I tell you about it. It was opulent and wonderful all at the same time. Me and my wife are not the type of people who expect a lot of attention. But eventually you grow into the attention it offers. Here are some of the benefits, except for the room amenities: unlimited reservation dining. As a matter of fact, they go so far as to reserve you the same primo table every time you make a reservation. Which TBH we didn't like the table because most nights that you are dining at night, the
  14. Loved the owner's suite on our Mediterranean Odyssey cruise. And it's funny how popular you become. lol.
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