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  1. We are now within the 24 hour window with no email yet. I’m awaiting our rejection. 😉
  2. I just checked our family in for our upcoming cruise, and I'm flummoxed about two things, mainly #1! 1) My husband and daughters each have "expedited" on their set sail pass, but I do not. I hope this does not mean they go through expedited boarding, while I go in some other line! Do I need to call RCI or just get in the expedited line with my family and not worry about it? 2) Months ago, I requested my Diamond status be shared with my husband and children, and RCI agreed, giving them all Diamond-level C&A #s. However, at check-in just now, I noticed one of my daughters is Gold, not Diamond. She is 3, so this has no actual impact on THIS cruise, but can I get this corrected while on board? Does it even matter what status kids are, at any age?
  3. This is really tempting. They probably just use flight times for guidelines for filling shuttles and to track whether they are missing arriving passengers, right? No harm in giving a later time?
  4. Pretty sure Larry’s was one I contacted, but I’ll have to review my notes. I am just shocked to learn we can’t enter the terminal. What if someone has to use a bathroom?
  5. The shuttle service we ended up with (after calling around to about half a dozen shuttles and private car services) did say that once we land, we can put in a request to catch a later shuttle, but it was not a guarantee. We may have to suck it up and pay for a private car service. I was just very frustrated by the prices. The only black car service we spoke to that could guarantee two full size child seats (not boosters) was outrageously priced (twice what we paid recently for private car service in California from the airport to Disneyland!) AND they were prickly about us requesting a later pick up not associated with a flight arrival time. I appreciate the replies and support. The whole experience of trying to get our children a distance of two miles between airport and port has been ridiculous.
  6. Ugh. So we'll be forced to wait outside the building??? Now I honestly don't know what to do. We did look into the hotels. Unfortunately, we could not find one that offered two car seats for their shuttles. I had read that we had an option to do shuttles without car seats (not that I was very comfortable with that), but both a shuttle service and a hotel with shuttles we spoke to said they would not allow it.
  7. Bid but no word yet. Less than 2 weeks out. I did not see the weak/medium/strong feature when I bid, but I may have been on mobile, so that could be why? I'd be interested to know how RCI measures weak/medium/strong. Even if there is an algorithm (that factors in things like who bid more than you but maybe also bid on a higher room so you could win, etc...) it still would only be relevant the moment you bid. As other bids come in after yours, the strength of your bid would change without you knowing.
  8. We are (unfortunately) going to be arriving very early at Port Everglades for our upcoming cruise. We will likely get there before 8:00 a.m. on a Thursday. I understand ships will be busy unloading passengers from other cruises, so porters will not be taking bags (and advice I've read says not to drop off bags that early anyway, as they could accidentally get put in the wrong pile.) My question is: what will this look like for us? Can we even get inside the building? Are there places to sit? Are there bathrooms, restaurants, or other facilities? We are going to be traveling with two very small children, two strollers, two big suitcases, and at least 3 smaller bags. (I know, circus!) I am already stressed about sitting around the port for hours before we can possibly even check in. At this point, I'm just hopeful there are bathrooms and a safe, quiet place for a family to sit. We looked at many different options to avoid this early arrival, including all of the recommendations on these boards, such as renting a car or hotel, lingering at the airport, going out to eat, etc... Our situation is that we are traveling with two very small children and not taking car seats on the plane. It makes all of these otherwise lovely recommendations much more complicated for us. We did (finally!) find affordable transportation with two appropriate-size car seats provided between the airport and the port, but they are not allowing us to delay our transfer to the port.
  9. Thank you, everyone! I love escape rooms, but I always feel they are a little awkward with strangers. Maybe we'll make new friends on board and get a group together. 🙂 Looking into Bonine and crossing fingers for ice skates! Thanks again.
  10. Thanks! I did not see that. Hopefully that means they have toddler size skates! And thank you both for the motion sickness response. I suppose better safe than sorry. I'll look into non-drowsy Dramamine.
  11. I have been searching for answers to a few questions that are turning up either no answer or conflicting answers. Can anyone who has been on independence recently tell me: 1) Are there ice skates for toddlers? (My girls wear toddler size 6. They are just turning 3 years old. So, pretty tiny feet.) I’ve heard mixed reports on this. 2) If two people want to do the Observatorium (escape room), will we be forced to share the time with other groups, or are we able to reserve the room for just the two of us? (I assume this depends on demand, but i was surprised I couldn’t find a discussion on this anywhere.) 3) I’ve only been on smaller ships, never one of this size. I hear they don’t rock and sway as much. My husband gets motion sickness and my girls have shown signs of it too. Should we bring Dramamine or sea bands or is that unnecessary on indy? Thanks in advance!
  12. I just wanted to com back and update this thread, since we found a ride! It took a lot of calling around and emailing, but we did find a shuttle company that provides car seats (as many as needed) and airport-port round trip service for a reasonable rate (a third of the price of the private car service I almost booked!) -- South Florida Shuttles. The reviews are as mixed as any other shuttle service we looked into, but this was the only one that provided multiple infant/toddler car seats (not just boosters). Anyway, just wanted to share that for anyone in my same situation who stumbles upon this thread!
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