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  1. On 7/29/2019 at 12:12 PM, rsabridget said:

    We are coming in the day before our cruise in October and am looking for a beach front hotel.  Any suggestions?  

    OOOOPS! I see you have already been on your cruise! Never mind!


    We have often stayed at the Marriott Stellaris Resort in Condado. It has a gorgeous pool and beach. It is a taxi ride to OSJ, but for us, a perfect spot to be pre and post cruise.

  2. On 12/23/2019 at 6:08 AM, lola2013 said:

    Like hcat, we had a sunset verandah...outstanding (with the exception of storage in the stateroom for two females who quite possibly overpacked!!!).  We were in 9309 on the 12/1 sailing, just off center, but a great space.  We, too, requested and received two loungers, which got a lot of use.  Chair hogs, specifically those who wanted the chairs in the water, were out in force...so spending time on our balcony was a great alternative.

    Happy Holidays to all...


    We will be in 9311 in a month...can you tell me if the bed was by the balcony or bath? Thanks!

  3. 19 hours ago, vtcruising said:

    Are you on a 7 night cruise? Western or Eastern?  Or a longer cruise? It may vary on some cruises but could make an educated guess. 🙂


    The main show in the theater is usually at 7 and 9 (same show so early and late diners can attend one or the other).

    We are on a 7 day Eastern. Thanks for the reply, that will help us to choose our dining time! Would you happen to know the chic nights?

  4. We've done the Vancouver to Honolulu a few years ago, and will do a similar itinerary again this September. I liked the sea days in the beginning, because it allowed us to get to know the ship and we had all that fun to look forward to. The seas were rough that first time, which was both difficult and funny at the same time!


    Five days at sea is plenty for me, though. I know Princess has a 15 day round trip out of San Francisco, with 10 sea days. No thank you!

  5. Our flight doesn't leave San Juan until 6:15.

    Do you know what the latest time is that we can stay on the ship?


    I think we would all like to stay on the ship until our flights, but reality says GET OFF! OTHER PEOPLE WANT TO BOARD!


    More helpful info here...

    The ship has excursions you can book that take you luggage and drop you at the airport.

    I am not sure this still exists, but Barrachina, a restaurant in Old San Juan, will store your luggage for free and you can walk around and explore.

    The Marriott Stellaris offers day passes.

  6. If I'm reading this right, you got the day pass for the Marriott Stellaris in San Juan, to spend time before your flight leaves? We arrive back in SJ at 6:00am from Adventure on 11/4, but don't fly out until 4:30 pm. I really wasn't looking forward to spending the day in a hot airport. Would this be a good option for me? I'm 53 and traveling with my 27 yo son. [emoji4]



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    Yes, that's exactly what she did. You could probably look at some of her other posts for more info.

  7. Thank you so much for alerting us about this! The first leg of our Dec. 30th reservation was indeed cancelled (San Juan to Atlanta) but not the 2nd leg (Atlanta to San Francisco). After a two hour call back time, I spoke to someone at Delta. There was no way they could get the 5 of us to our connecting flight, and we cancelled the whole reservation. Hopefully we receive the full refund they said I will get in 7-10 days.


    Rebooked on Jet Blue, and hoping for the best!

  8. One of several reasons Galveston is at the bottom of our cruise port list.


    I had booked a Christmas cruise for 2017 out of Galveston, and after reading about fog delays, switched our cruise to a Southern Caribbean. I think it might be at the bottom of our port list, now, also!


    But now, there is that ridiculous airfare to San Juan....oh well!


    ps. don't know if you remember that I shot the video of you folks going under the Golden Gate on the Mariner quite a few years back! Remember the swine flu? :o

  9. So I have a crazy situation I hope someone has been thru before and can help..Our family along with 2 other family members are booked on Harmony in March. The 1 family member, my husbands parents had to cancel for medical reasons. My father in law has stage 4 cancer & is just too weak now to travel. The other family members were booked to help care for him as she is a nurse so they want to cancel now also. They both have insurance thru Royal. The one family member called to cancel but was told they can't cancel their reservation because it is "tied" to the parents & they must cancel first. Each reservation was made separately & paid for by the different family members.. I don't understand why they won't let my sister in law cancel or even give her the number for the insurance place. It would all be solved if my mother in law would call & cancel but she is consumed with medical things with my father in law at the moment. Anyone have advice as to why they are not allowed to cancel or give out the phone number for insurance?? Should she just call back & ask for a supervisor??

    Thanks for any help!



    I think if you start your own thread on this you will get more help. Copy and paste what you have written.

  10. *snipped a bit of a quote*

    Miscellaneous thoughts and observations:

    We had good service in the MDR. However, I am considering doing a Windjammer only cruise next time. The quality of the food in the MDR no longer justifies a 1 1/2 to 2 hour dining time IMHO. It would certainly make packing easier for me. I'm not to big on dressing up anyway. I love my shorts and flip flops! Our Windjammer experience on the night we were in Aruba made me reconsider my dining choices. Time is a precious commodity on a cruise. Long dinners sometimes get in the way of other activities.



    I completely agree with you! Time is precious on a cruise! One thing we have done the last 6 or so cruises, is to do MTD, and tell the staff that we don't want to take all night to eat, and we will have dessert TO GO! The servers are happy to oblige, we get out early, and there is dessert for my husband in the "fridge" when we get back from our fun that night! Win!:)

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