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  1. So did the OP reply about his trip??? Curious to see how it went?
  2. RZM2005

    silly question

    Wow, as a disabled person who actually uses a power wheelchair I am shock how insensitive people can get when booking a handicap room. I agree RCCL should open up the rooms 30 days before the sailing if it is not taken. And it is not true that RCCL will move someone if a "true" handicap person needs it. It just shows in the computer as unavailable. Usually takes a handicap person to book 6months-1 year just to get a handicap room. Please be considerate of others who actually [B]need [/B]the room rather than larger space. Seems unfair that a person cannot vacation because someone wanted to have a larger cabin, in which you only use your cabin to sleep in.
  3. We are leaving to the Bahamas on Monday and we need things to do in Nassau. My sister is wheelchair bound and can not get up and walk ANY distances. She uses a powerwheelchair. I've been trying to search and have posted threads to help find an accessible van in Nassau, but had no luck so far. I was wondering if anyone travelled recently to Nassau in a wheelchair. What is there to do? And how did you get around? Is there any handicap accessible beaches?? If we do happen to get around in seeing Atlantis is it wheelchair friendly? Any information about Bahamas accessiblity is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  4. RZM2005

    can someone settle an argument?

    The hotel is only 13 minutes from the port. I say go for the sandwich! :)
  5. I just finished watching Primetime and the second part of the show was about how Cruiselines do not report the correct number of crimes (especially sex crimes) that go on the ship and how it many be common than some may think. And I found this is to be disturbing They interviewed a girl who was raped by a Carnival crewmember when she was 12. The girl and her family did not get much support from Carnival and told the family the girl had "quite the imagination". Another story that was briefly mentioned was a lady who was given several drinks by the bartender and then a crewmember took her to the bathroom and raped her. Also, yesterday my local news showed a story about a 15-yr old girl who had several drinks at the bar even though the bartender knew she was underage. Later that night it is said she fell over her balcony in her cabin. Her is the story http://abcnews.go.com/Primetime/story?id=1837441&page=2 All these stories are sad and should not have happened! I am going on my first RCCL in May and i'm curious if any one has see or heard of unappropriate behavior by any crewmembers or passengers. I am aware any of this stuff can happen anywhere land or sea, but how worried should I be?
  6. RZM2005

    Sovereign Questions

    Wow. You guys are pretty quick. I love this site!! It's good to hear you had good things to say about the ship. From what I hear shes an oldie but goodie. Thanks for the replies and Alphakitty great review!!
  7. Hello. I am going on a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas. I was looking at the deck plans and did not see the twin cinemas. Did they take them out after the refurbishment or are they still there? Hows the food and entertainment on her? When is formal night and how formal is it on 4-night cruises? Is lobster offered? Is room service free 24-hours or just breakfast? How is deck 2? I heard they had problems with the sewage smell and leaks?? I know its a lot of ?'s but, I'm very excited and anxious!! Also any other information is appreciated!! Thanks in advanced!!:p ;) :D
  8. RZM2005

    Handicapped Room

    As a wheelchair user, I find it unfair and insensitive that people book handicap rooms when they do not need it. Some handicap cabins are the same size just rearranged differently so wheelchairs can enter. I heard of people having to book a year out just to get a handicap room because there are not that many available. If you need it, then use it. If your only using it because you think its "bigger and nicer" is not a justifiable reason. Please think of others who do [B]need[/B] it.
  9. RZM2005

    Scubagirl--Taxi Question

    Scubagirl or anyone that can help, My family will be going to the Bahamas in May. Do you know of any transportation around Nassau for a power wheelchair user? Also, is there any beach wheelchairs in Nassau? Thanks in advanced :)
  10. RZM2005

    50.00 Friend Coupon

    Same thing happened to me...but I did find the code it is KABD good luck!!
  11. RZM2005

    50.00 Friend Coupon

    I was looking for it earlier to, but couldn't find it. I even posted a thread and when I went back I couldn't find mine so i'm glad you post this.
  12. Hi I book about 3 weeks ago and came across a $50 coupon code that I seen on this site but have no idea where I seen it. Does anyone know the code and how do I apply it? I've been on this site for a month and yes I can admit, I too, am an addict!
  13. Thanks for the response everyone!! Does any one prefer one dining seating over the other? We have 2nd seating but are on the waitlist. Also, do you feel the the movement of the ship more on deck 2?
  14. My family will be sailing on Sovereign in May and I just wanted to hear from some feedback on people who have sailed with her. We are going to the Bahamas 4 night cruise and I have an Oceanview on deck 2. All comments/suggestions appreciated! :) :p ;)
  15. RZM2005

    Handicap Taxi to Atlantis/Nassau

    Unfortunately I have a power wheelchair and cannot transfer. I have seen pictures of Atlantis that my friends took while they were there and it looked beautiful and heard there isn't really much to do in Nassau besides going to Paradise Island. Thanks for your input though. Overall is Nassau wheelchair friendly??