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  1. I was just on the sunshine from Sep 22 -28. I spent 95% of my time in the casino. I had the Cheers package, so I have no idea if they had a Happy Hour or not. I also play slots and 3 card poker, not roulette. I had some friends who played roulette and they said there was an extra green spot (thought it was an extra 00 or something), but don't know if there was $1.00 chips. Sorry I with all my time in the casino, i still wasn't able to answer your questions. :)
  2. I bought Cruise Cash with my gift cards so it would be on my account when I boarded and I didn't have to go to guest services. Then if there is any left over on the last day of the cruise, I will go to the casino and cash it out so I don't lose it.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I still haven't heard back from them, but I guess I will wait a little longer and then email them one more time.
  4. I wanted to speak with the carnival Casino people to be sure that the amount of free play my PVP told me I was getting is correct. I read somewhere that there is no more phone number to call and send an email to casino@carnival. com. I sent them an email 4 days ago and a follow up yesterday and still have not received a response. Does anyone have another way to contact them to confirm my free play amount, I will be getting on my upcoming cruise? I was trying to get something in writing, just in case there is an issue with it when I get on the ship. Thanks for any help!
  5. I brought a white board one time and apparently the steward did not know that you could only use the special marker. He proceeded to leave us a very nice message IN PEN, that took up the whole board. We now have a nice momento from Keto! LOL So much for getting messages from other guests.....
  6. i've never been on an NCL cruise. I've done Carnival and RC only, so I am intrigued to give NCL a try. But I will gamble, that is what I do on vacations. I don't like the beach (yukky sand all over) and I don't like the mountains (yukky bugs and cold), so gambling it is! I just hope that i get a couple sailing options with my offer that give me a really good deal so that I will be excited to book and not decide to pass it up!
  7. I complained to the universe and the people on this board. LOL Someone heard me though! I had heard that even if you were bringing someone you would only pay for 1, which is why i asked if you pay for 1 or 2. Now i know you have to pay for 2 if you are 2.
  8. I am gold tier at harrahs, but I will make it to platinum during my trip there in November! I have been a Harrah's member since 2013 and have never heard about this "free cruise certificate" until I read about it earlier this year on these boards and I was complaining that I have never received one. And VOILA! I just got one! LOL I did not ask about going solo because i would be bringing my husband. They said that I can upgrade but there is a charge for that and the cost depends on the sailing that I choose. I am not sure if I will use it or not, but it is nice to know that I do not have to make a special trip to Harrahs (5 hours one way) just to get the certificate!
  9. In case anyone else was wondering.... you do NOT have to drive to Harrah's to pick up the actual certificate. You can call the Norwegian casino booking number and they can pull up your offer using your Total rewards number. Thank you Mking8288 for the very informative link. And in case anyone else is wondering: There is a book by date related to your offer and a sail by date as well You pay admin fee (mine is $20 per person per day) Gratuities ($15 per person per day) Port fees and taxes for each person (usually between $150 - $250 per person is what they told me) That is the kind of information i was looking for, so I posted it here in case anyone else has the same questions.
  10. Ahhh thank you for that information and that link. I will try to contact them that way to see if it would be worth it for me to pick up the certificate and use it. I appreciate the help!
  11. there was no phone number to call about it. And sorry, i didn't realize that the free cruise certificate would be different for others.
  12. I received a postcard from Harrah's casino that I have a free cruise certificate eligible to be picked up. I am trying to decide if it would be worth my while to drive the 5 hours there to pick it up (and it has to be picked up on a weekday so i also have to take a day off work). The small print on the post card was too small to read. Does anyone have more information on these "free cruises" such as: - when do i have to cruise - can i pick any cruise in that time line - i know have to pay port fees, taxes and admin fees (anyone know what that would cost) - do i have to pay fees for 2 people or just one any other information you have from user experience?
  13. Another easy table game to play is 3 card Poker. We play the pair plus bet only. It is my favorite because you can play while drunk, no thinking involved! You get 3 cards and either you win or lose. No deciding if you want to bet against dealer, just the pure luck of the draw!
  14. I would book it now and then if there is a price drop I would call and get on board credit for the difference!
  15. oh how weird, i didn't know that. For what its worth it was not me. I am not trying to be mean or anything and obviously i am on this board, so i like to read what others are saying and writing about and you know.......curiosity killed the cat! Thanks for letting me know that is was on John Heald's page, i will have to go find that now.
  16. I did NOT asking anyone to stop posting videos or comments or pictures or anything. I was just curious why people want to know every detail about their cruise before they get on it, because for me that takes the fun out of it. That is all. I am not knocking those who like the details just curious as to why.
  17. What ever happened to just going on your booked vacation and enjoying all the surprises to come. these days, everyone wants to see the fun times before they get on board, they want to see the menus before they get on board, they want pictures of the entire ship before they board. I think it is so exciting and fun to get on the ship and experience it as it comes at you. Exploring a new ship is always interesting and fun. Not so much if you have already seen all the pictures of it. Going to the MDR for dinner and seeing the menu for the first time and you get to enjoy deciding what you want to taste tonight. Or getting those fun times on a daily basis, its exciting to have that to look forward to and the surprise of finding out what will be happening the next day. I love that part of cruising the most. How do you still have all that excitement and fun, if you have been looking at every detail for months before you sail? I don't get it, but that's just me. Old School, I guess! LOL
  18. hope you can eat quick! LOL
  19. Thanks for the advice. I think i will do that. I always get offers for trips to Laughlin and Atlantic City, but never cruises. I would love a cruise offer!
  20. how do you earn free cruise certificates through Harrahs Cherokee? I am platinum and my friend is gold, we only go about 2 time a year, but would love to get a cruise certificate if we can. Any advice on how to get that?
  21. Does your offer say "Free interior room" or does it say "up to $$$ off"? I want to make sure I don't miss a free room offer! LOL
  22. I am cruising to Bermuda in September. Being that Bermuda is our only port, what would happen if weather made it to bad to go there? Has anyone ever had this happen? Being that its the only port we are going to on a 6 day cruise.
  23. I am serious about working out a deal for your cruise credit. If you haven't already done a deal, please contact me thru email at fidy at att dot net
  24. i will send cash, money order, paypal, or credit card! Sorry i don't have checks! LOL
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