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  1. AZ - I had 24 hours of feeling like I had flu which started 12 hours after the first vaccine. Studies have shown that side effects are more common in under 50’s with the AZ vaccine.
  2. Thank you. All of the vaccines are effective and until or unless there are comparative clinical trials completed you cannot say that one is more effective or better tolerated than another. Covaxin is Astra Zeneca, they have a huge manufacturing plant in India.
  3. Just wondering where your information has come from regarding the Asian vaccines being less effective please? Thanks.
  4. Last week for me as CEV. If you are within the category being done in England, it is worth going onto the gov.uk booking site to book as it will only accept you if you are entitled to book. Pharmacy for me 5 minutes drive for home and very smoothly ran with parking attendants, check in outside, then one in, one out. Very impressive.
  5. Yes, the Beast has arrived..... In normal times, being so far from ‘civilisation’ has it’s limitations but over the last year we have been very glad of it, as well as all the wonderful beaches on our doorstep. We had boats for years and spent lots of time on the broads. It really makes you slow down.
  6. Our children did too. I am very tempted to buy one of beach huts. We are in Blundeston. DH was Harbour Master at OB for a few years and we used to moor our boat there also. Small world!
  7. We had a wonderful walk on one of our local beaches today, Gorleston-on-Sea. This is the beach from the concert scene in Danny Boyle’s Yesterday film. The tide was in and the sound of the waves was lovely. So good for the soul so I have added the video and some photos. As we are back in lockdown here and the schools are closed, a family were holding a construction lesson on the beach building sandcastles 😉 IMG_1416.MOV
  8. Seems a bit too much of a coincidence?
  9. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/princess-cruises-announces-pacific-princess-to-leave-the-fleet-301212388.html
  10. There was a thread last year about the above on here and excitedofharpenden was very helpful about the BA card. So helpful, I signed up for a premium card and have just earned my first companion voucher! I am looking at flights for the end of the year and just checked the terms and conditions and wondered if someone can explain what this means please? Companion Vouchers can be used for travel on any route in any cabin class as long as the Member has sufficient Avios to complete the booking for their desired journey. Does this mean I must be able to cover one
  11. We are home today from a staycation on the North Norfolk coast. We stayed in a lodge just behind Holkham beach, something we haven’t done for years. The weather was cold and wet at times as you would expect at this time of year but it didn’t stop us having lots of lovely walks with our dog. We were surprised how much we enjoyed it. Some photos below of some of the places we visited. Sandringham is the Queen’s favourite home and where the family spend Christmas, apart from this year as she is setting the example and staying put at Windsor. Although closed, it was lovely to walk ar
  12. Captain Johannes Tysse has agreed I could copy his post from an Azamara group on Facebook:- I’ve had several messages and questions about where to send Christmas Cards etc. to Crew who are onboard the Azamara Ships here in Glasgow. So I thought I’d just put up the address here for more Azamara Friends to see instead of answering individual messages in messenger and emails. We’ll have approximately 70 in total over Christmas / New Year. If you’d like to send a card to a random Crew Member, I’ll be happy to distribute it onboard. All mail gets delivered on the dock...... N
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