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  1. Very much enjoying your posts and thank you. It is a cruise we would love to take. How was the sail up the river into HCM? Was it interesting, was there plenty to see? I did check for the ship position and it looks like you are bang in the centre - how fabulous.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I really enjoyed reading it and all your lovely photos.
  3. Thank you. Now on the search for a towel to try.
  4. I would like to say that one of the ‘key’ reasons we booked Azamara was because of the lack of segregation.....
  5. Agree. We use it for work surveys.
  6. I’m really interested to know why a microfibre towel for curly hair please? I have wavy hair. Thank you.
  7. it appears you got further 😂.
  8. The email said it wanted to learn from guests experiences and identify what amenities suite guests most wanted to see. I clicked on the link and it asked age range as first question then which suite you stayed in and the next screen said thank you and closed the survey? Is there a problem with the loading of this?
  9. Maybe the temperature was wrong on the freezer?
  10. my husband is an ice cream freak and had it at every meal except breakfast - no ice chips in any.
  11. I had hoped on our warm weather cruise that the robes were waffle which are far more comfortable to sit on the balcony in. I like to sit out in a morning and evening and found the towelling ones way too warm - obviously!!
  12. Croatia was our first cruise and we are averse to being herded! Seeing something with huge numbers is very unappealing and not getting what you have booked is just unforgivable. I would be very cross if this happened and I don’t want to spend a minute of my holiday feeling cross, stressed, disappointed, etc. Last year we stayed at Reid’s in Madeira and one day there was an afternoon tea excursion for the Oceania ship in port. The afternoon tea was served in the ballroom. Beautiful though it is; this is not where ‘joe public’ partakes of afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is served on the verandah which has stunning views over their famous gardens, Madeira and the Atlantic. A rather different proposition to the ballroom which was absolutely packed and very noisy. Seeing this made me very wary of ship excursions.
  13. This was our cruise and we didn’t take any ship excursions. Quite frankly, the report and everyone’s comments on here and other threads is really putting me off taking any.
  14. Haha! Singing it as soon as I read the words. Misspelt youth!
  15. I like the idea of pop-up bistros and would like to see these on the pool deck on hot weather cruises. Italian port - Italian food, Greek port - Greek food, Arabian port , etc.
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