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  1. Thanks a lot! I think this might help us. Btw, my mom might end up getting a lawyer and court order to solve this, since this is all just a bunch of hooey and she should have been able to get her BC and go on the cruise. I mean, it's just a first name. One of the forms said something about a court order, too.
  2. My mom's still trying to get her documents. Once she does and once we save up some money, we want to book a Royal Caribbean cruise. They seem to have more stuff that somebody like me would like. I loved the Princess cruise, though. Despite their customer service on their phone line being absolutely disgusting.
  3. I wrote a review! If anybody's interested, here it is: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=653133
  4. They wouldn't give her a new BC because literally everything has the new spelling on it. I think the baptismal certificate is the only thing we have with the old one on it, not including the old BC.
  5. She lost her original BC, which she was able to use on her first 3 cruises. She was on a Carnival cruise when she was about 18-19 years old. I'm assuming she needed it for that cruise. The last 2 cruises were both Princess cruises.
  6. So I found out for sure (probably), I'm going on the cruise with my dad. Just thought I should update. I'll post pictures if there's a place to do so here.
  7. My mom's actually going to take a road trip to our capital to try and fix this nightmare. Hopefully that does something...
  8. I should have figured that...I tend to ruin things.
  9. Oh lord, the update I didn't want. We got letters today saying they need MORE STUFF. Not to mention it's stuff we already filled out. I feel like all hope is lost. I don't really even want to go anymore. So thanks a lot to this political system, you ruined my trip.
  10. Oh, this ever changing story. My mom ended up getting the "additional info" that was requested, which was proof that she used the new spelling before 18. She overnighted the old social security statements to the Secretary of State and should be getting a birth certificate in the mail very soon! She'll go to the city to get a passport in a day after she gets the certificate.
  11. It was the exact same cruise, but at a later date. Same ship, same ports, same everything.
  12. Not good. She got no help from them at all. She went to the courthouse she used to work at, too. Nothing. Then, she called Princess. She almost got a reschedule for July 20th. But, it was "too close to the sail date." So, she tried to cancel, which they charge $1700 at this point. She refused to give them any more money then we already have. She told my dad to "just take me," so all the money won't go down the toilet. What a shame. This was supposed to be for their 25th anniversary. If we can't do anything else for her, my dad and I basically have no choice but to go ourselves. It won't be as fun without her, though.
  13. In our state, all you have to do to become a notary is fill out the application and send that with a copy of a driver's license or state ID. The license or ID is the proof of state citizenship.
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