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  1. We have just got off QM2 today and were on Deck 13, Cabin 13012. That is forward on the new top-row of cabins that were added in the last re-fit. The vibration is DEFINITELY an issue to consider. Had no idea until we were on board. It is not constant, but it IS frequent and it IS quite severe at times. So bad that the TV rattled and we had to stuff a rolled-up towel behind it. The bed vibrates like one of those therapy beds and it drums through your entire body. It woke me up on several occasions and when it was present before going to bed, you could not get to sleep. You can feel it in your chest and it made us both feel sick. The floor by the sofa also shakes. It was obviously an issue for previous guests as tape had been stuck over the corners of the full length mirror which housekeeping had tried to remove but failed. And Deck 13 are all Britannia Club cabins, so more expensive. I am shocked to read this Cunard have been aware for 2 years. They have clearly done nothing about it. I wish I had read this post before we set sail, we would have asked to change, but once on board the ship was full so no chance. The cabin itself is nice, yes there is a double shower with glass door (where bath would normally be) and marble tops to the basin and bedside units. We found storage space to be an issue as they have changed the wardrobe layout in these new bolt-on cabins on the new top-deck, there are no shelves and the safe is much lower. Personally, I would never book one of these again as the vibration was present at some point every day and every night lasted for quite some time, hours in some cases. It was there in both calm and choppy waters, and also in the port when stationary. We will be writing to Cunard for sure.
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