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  1. I started cruising a few years back and I can say it's always relaxing for me. When work pressure gets too tough, I just take a cruise to help me relax. It's a good article though. It really highlights some pertinent points to take note of.
  2. You just might also be able to design a schedule with the Travel Agency you're working with. I used Anastasia Travels the last time I toured St Petersburg and the agency was of great help.
  3. I'm not sure of the Hermitage's policies but in a number of similar establishments, it's allowed. You could try to reach out to your contacts from your first trip to be sure of their current position on touring by yourself.
  4. You might want to get information ahead of the trip on the rates of the Taxis though. This would help you prepare ahead properly.
  5. I do not have any experience with this agency but if you'd be using the agency for your St Petersburg tour, I'd advise you get necessary details from the agency ahead so you are adequately prepared.
  6. I had the Baltic Cruise experience sometime ago myself and it was indeed one of my best cruises ever. I believe with the right agency to make the process seamless, you just might be in for the time of your life.
  7. I had the Baltic Cruise experience sometime ago myself and it was indeed one of my best cruises ever. I believe with the right agency to make the process seamless, you just might be in for the time of your life.
  8. I'll have to endorse this. I used Anastasia Travels on my last Baltic Cruise and it was a delightful experience. It made the process seamless for me. You might want to consider.
  9. If you're considering a Baltic Cruise to St Petersburg, you should consider Anastasia Travels. We had a memorable experience with the company on our last Baltic Cruise to St Petersburg.
  10. If you read through the threads here, you see that no one recommends taking a ship’s tour, and everybody is happy with independent tour operators. That’s definitely the way to see St Petersburg if you want to go with your own pace, see what you wish to see and don’t have any desire to be herded in a group of 50 tourists. Contact a few companies, see what they offer and choose what works best for you. Don’t hesitate to tell them what you want to see and do, and they will arrange it. When we were there, we had some very specific requests, like a visit to Smolny Palace, Political history museum and Kirov museum. We toured with Anastasia Travel, like some of the posters above, and were absolutely happy too! So you can take a ship’s tour only if you want to totally ruin your stay in St Petersburg.
  11. We cruised the Baltics in 2016 and were a family of 7. We had both seniors and teenagers, and our wish list was quite extensive. We booked private tours for most of the ports, and used Anastasia Travel for all of them. They were very accommodating even when we asked to split the group so some of us could enjoy a quiet breakfast in a coffee shop, while the younger ones took a challenge in an escape room. I could never imagine doing all that we did on our own or with a ship’s tour! I am sure you will find an operator that is able to arrange things for you so all your group members are happy
  12. No one can prohibit you to use an independent tour company. Agree with one of the above comments, most of us here have used local tour operators and did not take ship’s tours, and everyone (or almost everyone) seems to be happy. There are several companies operating in St Petersburg, for instance, we used Anastasia Travel in 2016, and this was the most fantastic tour we could possibly imagine. We did not experience any troubles getting off the ship, the papers they sent us were just fine. Just look through different reviews in the threads here and choose someone to show you around St Petersburg. Do NOT book the ship’s tour if you don’t want to waste your time in a crowd of some 50 people in a bus!
  13. I use a series of external drives, each is labelled for pictures taken from a specific trip. It's easier for me to sort that way.
  14. Taking pictures or not should not be about other people. Personally I take pictures to help me relive some beautiful memories made at later times. Pictures serve as mementos. However, some would rather not take pictures. Eventually it's about doing what works for you.
  15. Using medication is advisable to help the kids with the jetlag but ensure you get appropriate prescriptions for their ages as not all adult meds are used for kids.
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