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  1. I am doing a cruise out of Singapore next year from Toronto on another line.. They were booking flights across the pacific.. You will lose a day crossing the international date line so I recommend you include the 2 day deviation to your ncl flight. Many different airlines do the route with most involve a layover in another Asian city.. Usually the main city of the selected carrier. Hoping ncl books a good flight for you as the price deal that they are offering is great.
  2. At the time of the original posting it was correct. At the end of January ncl announced new sailing that filled the gaps left by the earlier cancelations. We are now booked for the Tahiti to Sydney trip that replaced our canceled trip. We are doing this as a btb with the Sydney to Auckland. Can't wait!!! The refurbished spirit looks fantastic.
  3. Right now it is still a mystery what the spirit will be doing between April 2022 to mid December 2022. But was happy to be notified so far in advance of the cancelation so we could rebook an alternative at a great price.
  4. For cruises after December 22nd 2022 ncl is booking cruises on the spirit . So ever the optimist we are booking an Xmas/new year's cruise on the spirit between Australia and New Zealand to make up for the cancelation.
  5. Just received a notice from ncl that they are canceling the December 2022 cruise to Australia we had booked. They are canceling all spirit cruises from April to December of 2022.
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