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  1. This is almost exactly what I do. I only gamble on cruises and have never been to a land casino. I do it as fun, rather than shopping or sunbathing. I budget $100-$125 per day and take my time at a slot machine. I'll play for at least an hour, leave and then go back later in the evening for at least another hour. I tend to watch for slot machines that are either near the cashier booth or near the outside edge of the casino where there seems to be less smoke as I am not a smoker. My family shakes their heads because I get offers all the time. Sailing in late September on $100/pp, balco
  2. Yes, ma'am! I'm not Diamond and probably won't ever get to that level (I wish, but still working so my cruising time is limited). Like many people, we do love to get to our room and then have lunch w/o lugging our small carry-ons around. But, I'm with you on not caring when I get on the ship - at least I'm cruising. Please, please let us cruise! Take care.
  3. Wemjam, I believe you are right. After replying to Heelyeah30 above, I thought I better check my bookings and schedule for my September cruise. Sure enough, my FTTF is no longer showing up as purchased or part of port day. It was there last week, but not anymore. I haven't received any notification from the company, but suspect it is coming. I'm okay with not having FTTF - just as long as we cruise! Thanks for the "heads up"! Happy cruising.
  4. Yes, under excursions is where I have always found it. Except one time, it was listed under "Recommended for You"" with spa treatments and stateroom purchase options. If I recall correctly, it is usually listed on page 2 of the excursions. I am crossing my fingers that my purchased FTTF stays with my late-Sept cruise. Happy cruising everyone!
  5. I was able to purchase FTTF for my late-September cruise. I purchased it back in late-April about 10 days after booking the cruise. It shows up on my itinerary and in my booking as a purchase.
  6. I sent in two original requests on the 16th (close to midnight) and received two reply confirmations in the early evening on the 19th. So, I would suggest you resend the request(s).
  7. We were able to catch the FTTF for our September cruise very quickly - within 10 days of booking the cruise. I just happened to be checking excursions and it was there as a suggestion. I was quite surprised it was there and it stayed up for several days. We thought it might be worth the purchase this time, but probably won't for our 2022 cruises.
  8. We just completed the questionnaires for our upcoming criuse. So excited to cruise again!
  9. I was able to book it for a September cruise out of Galveston. I'm not sure how embarkation is going to work, but figured it wouldn't hurt to snag it.
  10. What about just you and your daughter doing it? That's what my daugher and I do and enjoy dining together very much. Your guys might enjoy doing something else. I think every cruiser should experience it at least once, but obviously I am a little biased about this. But, remember, when you are cruising there are no regrets (whatever you decide) b/c . . . well, you are crusing!!!
  11. WemJam, I do not drink alcoholic beverages either. They offer water or sparkling water to those who don't (and there were several of us both times I have eaten at the Chef's Table). So, don't worry about that. If I was a foodie (I am!) and my spouse wasn't, I would make him reservations at the steak house, make sure he had enough casino cash and I'd go by myself to the Chef's Table. There have been several "singles" when I dined both times and everyone sits at a long table, so no one is isolated. I think everyone felt very comfortable chatting with the neighbors beside, across and down th
  12. Helene, it is a long night. Can't quite remember, but at least 3-4 hours. I think they had us meet in a lobby area around 6:00 and it ended around 10/10:30. They don't seem to enforce the close-toe shoes as several women had on sandals and open-toe heels. Dress ranges from business casual to formal, but dress comfortably. Several people joked that they had wished they had worn elastic waist pants or skirts! LOL!. It does seem, thought, that both times we have dined at the Chef's Table it was on formal night, so we missed the steak and lobster both times. But, I was not heart-broken b
  13. I've had some great offers. Booked a balcony for two for $100 each and then got $200 OBC. I received the drinks every on board b/c it was my offer. (When I get "free drinks" either in the casino or everywhere, it is hilarious b/c I don't drink alcoholic beverages, so I order virgin "fancy drinks" or bottled water. I know some people would think it is a waste, but they keep giving me the promo. Too funny!) It was with a FJ6 offer and we used it also for a Feb. cruise. They were too good to pass up, especially when so many of our cruises were canceled last year and earlier this year. Fun
  14. Go for it! I've sailed twice and dined twice at the Chef's Table. Hope to be able to to do it in Feb. It is long evening, but well worth it especially if you are a foodie. It is a wonderful experience, but pace yourself. You will have mutliple courses and don't have to eat all of it, but I would suggest trying at least a bite of everything! You will sit as a large group, but it is fun to chat with others. Also, if you are sailing on a special occasion - such as a birthday or anniversary, they will specialize the dessert for you with a very nice inscription. They did that for me o
  15. Not actually cruise related, but problem-solving related. Years ago, I was having an issue with an airline about a booking error they made that was compounded by flight delays, layovers, missed connections, transfers, luggage. It was a mess! (Luckily, I save everything - including notes and the print out of my original reservation.) I wasn't getting anywhere so I found the company headquarters info on-line and wrote a detailed letter about my situation with them. I sent letter to the CEO, President, VP, Treasurer, Customer Service exec - you name it. I sent it to every "big-wig" I could
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