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  1. When my Feb 28th cruise cancelled on December 3rd it was the fourth time.  So, I finally gave up trying to guess about re-booking and requested a refund.  Cancelled on Dec. 4th and my refund was in my bank account on December 8th!   I was shocked because I truly expected it to take 60-90 days.   I wonder if my great PVP was the reason.  I want to cruise again as they have been the most-relaxing vacations I have ever taken, but will wait until I can book as close to a "sure-cruise" as possible.  I am tried of count downs of "250 days to your next cruise", so I am not looking to schedule one in 2022 and especially not 2023.    Well, at least not yet!   Take care everyone.  

  2. On 12/1/2020 at 2:14 PM, DPTexas said:

    This is giving me a glimmer of hope.  I know, I am wearing my "Pollyanna pants", but when my end of February 2021 cruise was cancelled on November 18th, I immediately rebooked on the Horizon.  Crossing my fingers that she will be one of the first to sail and keeping them crossed that it will be sooner, rather than later.  But, if not, I'll call my PVP (who is wonderful!) to rebook again.  And, until I hear otherwise, I intend to keep wearing my "Pollyanna pants". 😉 

    Take care everyone.


    Well, I am replying to my own post from the 1st.   I just received an email from Carnival cancelling my end of Feb cruise.   I am usually a very positive and upbeat person, but now I guess I need to take off my Pollyanna Pants, wash them, fold them neatly and . . . . then burn them!!   Not sure what I will do now.  I keep rolling the same FCC and $600 OBG to each new reservation and right now I just don't have it in me to reschedule.   Sad thing is that I have a fully-paid cruise that I can't seem to enjoy.  I know everyone else is in the same boat (sorry!).  So, I guess I'll take a breather to figure out if I'll rebook for 2026 (sarcasm) or get a full refund that may take that long to process.   Sorry to be a "Debbie Downer" ("Debra is my first name, so maybe there is some ownership in that), but this news and these continuing cancellations literally take the wind out of sailing hopes.

    Everyone, continue to take care.  /Deb

  3. This is giving me a glimmer of hope.  I know, I am wearing my "Pollyanna pants", but when my end of February 2021 cruise was cancelled on November 18th, I immediately rebooked on the Horizon.  Crossing my fingers that she will be one of the first to sail and keeping them crossed that it will be sooner, rather than later.  But, if not, I'll call my PVP (who is wonderful!) to rebook again.  And, until I hear otherwise, I intend to keep wearing my "Pollyanna pants". 😉 

    Take care everyone.


  4. On 8/22/2020 at 4:12 PM, bury me at sea said:

    DPT we cruise for many of the same reasons.  My next one is scheduled for April and after having had 3 cancelled I am still hopeful about that one.


    I just miss it!


    On 8/22/2020 at 4:22 PM, Joe817 said:

    DP, welcome to Cruise Critic's Carnival Cruise Line Forum! Glad to have you with us. Thanks for your comments. I share many of your sentiments regarding cruising. But I don't think I'd want to swim the English Channel! :classic_laugh:


    I hope you get to cruise too! We are booked on the Freedom end of Feb/1st of March. So here's hoping we ALL get to cruise! 🤞


    Thank you, both, for the welcome and comments.   

    Bury me, you said it plain and simple.   I know I am not alone in missing  cruising and believe the companies know that, but not so sure about the "powers that be".    Yes, it's when I make comments like the "English Channel" one that my adult kids rolls their eyes like they were teenagers again. 


    Joel817, crossing my fingers that we all get to cruise the first of the year.   I told my DD I wasn't sure what I would do if my early March 2021 cancels, but I know I would simply contact my super PVP, rebook another one - hopefully not too far out - and keep up my Pollyanna thinking & wishing.    


    pjhootch, I can only dream of being able to book more than 2 cruises each year because of family and work commitments.  I was sorry to hear that your plans changed, but love your idea of sailing every other month when it starts back up.  I love reading when others have so many booked, but sad that they are shuffling reservations, etc. around because of cancellations,     


    Take care, everyone, happy cruising memories and future plans. 

  5. I am fairly new to cruising and sure wish I had discovered it earlier in my life.   I am quite envious when I read other cruisers' comments about cruising since 1965 or even 1985!   My 2nd cruise was to the Western Caribbean in early February of this year when the discussion of the COVID-19 was in the early stages.   I thoroughly enjoyed that cruise, as well as my first cruise which was in late January/early February 2019, and found them both to be the most-relaxing vacations I have ever had.   So, I decided cruising was going to be my "get away vacations" each year with plans to cruise 2x a year as work allows.  I am a single cruiser - planning one cruise a year with my youngest DD who is the one who got me hooked on cruising, and then a 2nd cruise as a solo.    (I am not going to comment on having to pay the double occupancy rate because "it is what it is".)  I had a September 2020 cruise planned which cancelled, so I optimistically rebooked for early March 2021.   My first, middle and last name should be "Pollyanna", so I sure hope that cruise goes.  My other vacations revolve around visiting or hosting family visits (weddings, holidays, etc.) which are a delight and I love them, but they are not so relaxing.  If the March 2021 cruise cancels, I am not sure what I will do, but certainly expect to rebook another cruise (or two at that time).  I keep joking with my DD that if the March 2021 cancels, I may try swimming the English Channel just to at least get rescued by "some type of ship or boat"!  LOL!  I guess I am writing this comment to express my appreciation for all the positive comments on this board about cruising and posting this comment somehow makes my March 2021 cruise seem more-probable.   Again, "I am Pollyanna", paying for FTTF, planning to eat at the Chef's Table, (again), looking at excursions and counting the days until my next cruise (189!).   My apologies for this long post and for my rattling on and on about cruising.  

  6. 6 minutes ago, Crazy planning mom said:

    Don't give up on cruising.  Once it restarts, then you can rebook.

    Thank you for the encouragement CP Mom, I really appreciate it.  I was amazed how quickly I fell in love with cruising and sure wish I had found it earlier.    I joked with my daughter, who is the one that got me hooked on cruising, that if the Feb/March 2021 cruise cancels, I may have to attempt to swim the English Channel just to get rescued by some type of boat or ship!   I am generally a "Pollyanna" by nature, so looking forward to cruising as soon as possible.   Thanks, again, for the words of support and encouragement. 

  7. I sure hope I cruise in late February, 2021.  When my late September/early October cruise cancelled, I was disappointed and  rebooked for late February/early March, 2021.  I told my daughter that if this one cancels to expect me to pout like a 14/15 yo teenage girl for the rest of the year!  LOL!   If it does cancel, I am not sure what I plan to do as far as a new-booking is concerned.  I really miss cruising and I am a very new cruiser.  I hate to think what seasoned cruisers are feeling about the lapse in cruises.  

    Take care everyone and be safe.

  8. This is the very reason why I search CC.  Based on many suggestions for hotels near the POM, these reviews and pics for the DoubleTree Biscayne helped me make my decision.  I just booked our room with a bay view for a September, 2020, cruise.   Thanks to all who contributed to the OP's question as they were all very helpful.  Take care and happy future cruising.

  9. I purchased FTTF in mid-March for a September, 2020, cruise and it still shows on my excursions listings on page 2.  However, it shows as "sold out".  It is my understanding that FTTF usually shows up on page 2 of excursions, but mine was offered as a "Recommended for You" on my Cruise Manager tab.  So, I would look both places.   HTH.  

  10. This is my first post since I joined and started reading CC forums, so please forgive me if I am too-wordy about FTTF.   I have a September cruise scheduled (crossing my fingers) on Magic.  This is my third cruise and looking forward to cruising several times a year, depending on work and family obligations.  With my second cruise, I was able to purchase FTTF, so I had been planning and was hoping to do the same for this Sept cruise.  I purchased this cruise in very early March and kept looking periodically for the FTTF and actually missed it twice (yes, twice).  Now, this is the confusing part because it showed up like before in the excursion section, but said "SOLD OUT" very quickly.  My youngest daughter, who got me hooked on cruising (bless her!), kept telling me to look for it after the final payment date because that is when it is most-likely available.  I had even talked myself out of buying or needing it.  Then, one morning, in mid-March, around 5:30 I woke and thought I would quickly check.  I was shocked when it showed in my "Suggestions for you" area.  So, of course, I grabbed it, completely forgetting that I had rationalized not needing it.  After reading some posts here, I just rechecked and it shows in my itinerary and booking information.  I am in a very high-stress profession and cruising is the perfect vacation for me - where I can enjoy time with family/friends, meeting a variety of wonderful people, sight-seeing,  and experiencing delicious food and great entertainment - while having a stress-free vacation.  I am not sure why the random times for FTTF occurred, but happy to have it and so excited to (hopefully) cruise in September.   HTH.   Take care and be safe, everyone.  

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