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  1. Absolutely TRUE and RIDICULOUS. We called Viking on February 12, 2019 to reserve spots on their China cruise leaving on May 28, 2020. They told us full payment was due by June 30, 2019, eleven months prior to leaving. We told them it was a deal breaker as I received my bonus later in the year and that I would be happy to put a deposit down today if they could offer some flexibility on the final payment date. They were completely unwilling to budge with basically a "tough luck, that's not our problem" attitude. They would rather walk away from a $12,000 cruise deal than allow me a few more months to pay. And, we're repeat Viking customers (or at least would have been) so it's not like they don't have their own records to verify we're good for it. That's arrogance at it's finest. Glad Vikings business is so good that they can enforce whatever rules they want but I hope some day when they need business, cruise vacationers will remember their arrogance and book elsewhere. They gave me some lame excuse about having to arrange things with their travel partners so far ahead of time that they can't hold the price without payment that far out. I know that's not true as they send us one of their booklets virtually every week with consistently the same pricing only with a new, later 30 day deadline. Sorry, to me there is no legitimate explanation for requiring full payment that far in advance. Why would I hand over $12,000 that far in advance? We're taking a Rick Steves tour this June and they require full payment in April, 60 days in advance. Seems significantly more reasonable and I'm sure they have to arrange things in advance with their travel partners also. I'm confident we can find some other cruise company that would be more than happy to have our business.
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