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  1. We just came back from the Symphony of the Seas. My brother inadvertently brought a surge strip with him. When we boarded he noticed he had only one of his luggage delivered to his room. It took the rest of the day to find out where the other piece was. Finally after dinner they went to guest services who suggested they go and check security. Sure enough, that is where it was. It was "dinged" because of the surge strip. He went all afternoon not knowing where his luggage was. I brought a USB hub with me and had NO problems.
  2. Hi everyone, Setting sail this Saturday 4/13!!! YAY!! I do have a question. Is there somewhere on the ship where you can get snacks? We would like to bring some "noshies" and water with us when we are out on the excursions. Thanks.
  3. We leave in 10 days and already I'm sad that I am leaving them home. That said, absolutely NOT. I have 2 labs, one chocolate, one yellow. And although I love them to death, I would not bring them. The chocolate lives up to her name - hyper. The yellow is mellow. It does make me feel better that they will keep each other company while we are gone. My neighbor will be checking on them throughout. Oh yeah, my African Gray Parrot will keep them in line (he yells at them).
  4. I would like to thank all for their posts on this subject. So many wonderful tips. I am 8.5 yrs post-op Lapband. I must admit, some meals are easy, some not. When I eat out at home and know what I can and can't do. I can relate to a lot of the issues other people posted. Looking at a bread baskets makes my chest hurt (bread gets stuck), but wraps are not that much of a problem. Chicken can get stuck, so I opt for pork or a hamburger (no bun). I like the post about "sauces on the side" as I find they help make the food go down easier. I like a glass of wine with dinner and I find sipping doesn't cause any problems. One tip I would like to add is get up and "go to the bathroom". I find that walking helps the "first bites" go down. I guess its gravity. I find that I enjoy food more now than pre-surgery.
  5. Question - can you have the bottles shipped home? If not, will airlines let you fly with alcohol?
  6. Thanks. I saw some posts where people decorate their doors because "all doors look alike". 😁 I have a couple I purchased that are personalized with our names. I'll take the chance.
  7. We are on deck 9 room 138. Another question - I have a custom made door magnet for our room. Are they safe to leave on the outside of the door, or do people take them?
  8. I love following your cruise stories!!! Keep them coming!! BTW, what room were you in? We are booked in an Oceanview Balcony Room. It was great to see what it has to offer. 18 more days!!!
  9. Not going crazy over formal nights either. However this info on the hangers is great. 21 days till we set sail!!!
  10. Thanks!! The view does look great. I usually wear earplugs - hubby snores - LOUD. I guess he'll give the Boardwalk noise a run for its money. 😂
  11. 25 days until we set sail!!! Yay!! Getting excited myself. We have an Ocean View Balcony room for this trip (our trip was booked for us by my brother's friend - she cruises quite a bit). I'm just wondering about the inside balcony rooms. Would love to try it the next time, perhaps over Central Park. My question - is it noisy in the Boardwalk section? Thanks. 🛳️
  12. Just read another post on this subject. Symphony and Oasis are supposedly being used as "floating hotels" for the Super Bowl, February 1st and 2nd. The Super Bowl is being played at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens. J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets (wishful thinking) Sigh.
  13. Hey!! We are 35 days out for our SOTS cruise. Can't wait!!! You guys in Ill have had a bad winter. If its not snow its sub zero feels like. Here on LI we haven't had too much snow, but its been cold. One good thing, being able to get my summer gear out and packed. Now here's hoping my two dogs take the news well. Enjoy!!
  14. I am a Vera person also and purchased this one. I love that it is so small and I can fit the "essentials" in it including my passport.
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