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  1. CarRex

    Wifi on the Gem?

    Does the Gem have WIFI in the staterooms or do you have to go to a hot spot?
  2. CarRex

    CD on the Gem?

    Who is the current CD on the Gem? Any idea who it will be in Oct 2018?
  3. CarRex

    Wifi on the Gem

    Does the Gem have wifi in all cabins or just in hot spots around the ship?
  4. I may have worded the original question wrong. I just wanted to know if the second show was still so crowded that there were not enough theater seats because it seemed like too many the passengers tried to go to the second show. How early does My Time Dining start?
  5. A few years ago we sailed on the Grandeur and had a major problem with early dining. Because the early show was scheduled too close to the dinner hour, no one could make it to early show unless they skipped desert. As a result the second show did not have enough seats. The only way to have early dinner and get a seat at the show was to be at the theater door when the early show let out and sit in the theater seat for nearly an hour before the second show. Is this still a problem or have they fixed the show times?
  6. CarRex

    NCL JADE Showtimes

    Does the Jade have a Cirque type show, like the Dawn?
  7. CarRex

    C-Pap machine extension cord

    Duck tape works fine for this. I used a cpap for 11 years on cruise ships. First thing I did was tape down the extension cord so that no one would trip. Several cabin attendants supplied a gallon bottle of distilled water as soon as they saw the machine. I didn't even have to ask. However the regular tap water on the ship is distilled from sea water so it works just fine too.
  8. CarRex

    Parking in NYC

    Thanks! Parking at the terminal was never a problem in the past, but I haven't tried since the mega liners started embarking there. I have also used Park Right in the past with no problems, so I just made a reservation with them. It's a little less convenient, but cheaper and guaranteed.
  9. CarRex

    Parking in NYC

    Does anyone know if the Manhattan Terminal Parking ever completely fills up? We are on the Jade in October and according to the terminal schedule there could be cars for up to eight ships, including the Breakaway, parked there at the same time. The terminal parking does not take reservations. First come, first serve only. What happens if they are full when you arrive?
  10. Does anyone know what cable news channels are available in the Jade cabins since drydock? Also who is the cruise director? We will be sailing on Oct 6. Carole
  11. Does anyone know which cable news channels are broadcast on the Jade? Is she still in dry dock? Carole
  12. Can you explain the type assigned to CC members. What is a Cool Cruiser, Blue Ribbon Cruiser, etc?
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions. Decided to stick with Park Right again. Used them before, and it worked out well. $280 for 10 days, split by 2 couples isn't bad. Our car will be in a covered garage and we can walk or cab back to it after the cruise. Carole
  14. Looking fir a good ground transportation service from Keyport or Hazlett, NJ to the Manhattan pier for 4 adults. Can't decide if it would be better to get a driver or use an alternate parking garage. We used Park Right before, and it was good & walkable distance, but one of our group can't walk that distance this time. Has anyone used Uber from NJ? Carole
  15. Looking for the best transportation from Keyport, NJ to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal for 4 people. Carole