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  1. Same thing happened to my wife in 2019 with AT&T. She bought a 1-day roaming package while on a Caribbean island. Forgot to turn off data when back on the ship. She got a text notification later that evening indicating her roaming usage was going over $100. We immediately turned off data. Had to call AT&T twice to get the charges removed. I think they retroactively put us on a cheaper roaming package but there was some cost. I am now responsible for reminding her 😂
  2. I realize your post is probably in jest but if you have a relative that vapes and are not a germophobe you can go that route. Can even use nicotine free.
  3. @KmomChicago i wonder if Carnival gets their hideous carpet from the movie set of The Shining?
  4. I’ll have to look into the self test sold by Sam’s Club to see if it has this included. Their test only costs $20. Edited to say it probably doesn’t qualify. No mention of observation.
  5. @wgeddings Thank you for your detailed experience with Horizon and especially the tender situation. I’m pretending to work so I can’t comment much but you’ve said some things I was not aware of or prepared for.
  6. As explained above, you will not be sailing to Grand Cayman due to the island’s (not Carnival’s) restrictions thru 2021. My best personal guess is you WILL be going to Mahogany Bay, Belize and Cozumel. You MAY either be picking up a Central America port such Progresso or only get 3 ports. My recommendation is to research the 3 ports you are fairly certain won’t be canceled and book excursions there. DON’T book anything at Grand Cayman I hope things go as expected for you. Bring a positive attitude and let things flow.
  7. The port changes vary. If you were scheduled GC, Jamaica and Cozumel on Horizon….your Western Caribbean will likely become an Eastern Caribbean. Let us know your ship & date in order to help.
  8. @SNJCruisers I don’t know if you are ignoring the fact that the antigen home test I am mentioning is likely identical to the one Carnival IS administering to non-vaxxed or just like to argue. Carnival certainly could have found an easier way to ensure pax health than depend on various local testing sites (that you clearly have no personal knowledge of availability other than your own experience). You are right about one thing-it is their ship and we have to live by their ever changing rules to board. I’ve said it before this is my final cruise until Carnival makes it easier or the pandemic subsides.
  9. You are trying to speak like you know everyone’s personal experience. I live in the ‘burbs. My closest rapid testing facility is 25+ miles away. I’ve done the research. I’m getting 2 appointments (1 Walgreens, 1 CVS) to ensure I can get test results before my flight. I pray I test negative (already had covid & already vaxxed)…..Then I get on a plane & will be more subjected to more exposure than I do day-to-day….but at least I’m done testing at that point. I won’t even go into your comment about fully refundable. We did everything Carnival asked & there is no way we are kept whole canceling at this point. There’s a heck of a lot more cost & inconvenience involved that the cruise fare this close.
  10. The point is not moot since me and many other vaxxed cruisers are willing to pay Carnival their cost to test us. No. They would rather we be inconvenienced right before we sail to go find rapid testing on our own. Heck I’m almost willing to pay the $150 x 2 that unvaxxed pax incur to not have to pray that rapid test is available. This is ridiculous.
  11. Just to clarify: I’m talking about promotional OBC, not purchased cruise cash OBC. While people have been able to cash out at times even promotional OBC per-covid at the casino there has been much discussion on these boards of it at least being frowned upon or doing 1 slot pull & cashing out. I’ll let others more experienced in that respond but I wouldn’t expect it to work indefinitely; Carnival is smart enough to prevent you from taking $600 OBC from a canceled cruise just to spend it somewhere else.
  12. Loving the almost empty lounge chairs and pool…on a sea day no less. If there was an affordable concept for such when life gets back to normal. No way I’d go on the Mardi Gras at full capacity (even their scaled down Havana). But the dining options blow my mind.
  13. People are fearing (probably not the right word) a false positive. People are fearing (I am) not being able to get tested and get results in 72 hours (rural folks, folks traveling). People are put off (me! me!) that Carnival is forcing us to take a specific test at a certified facility when it would be soooo much easier for them to test everyone at port before cruising. I’ve got a $20 in my pocket to cover the cost. Hope that helps.
  14. A big question regarding insurance coverage for covid testing is will they cover rapid testing? When both wife & I were tested in Dec-2020, she was tested rapid since she had an outbreak at her work (came back positive). I was only allowed a 2-3 day (presumably PCR) test that also eventually came back positive. Wife was also re-tested slow method. Edited to say we were literally both tested at the same time, which was frustrating to see her test positive first & still make me do the slow method & quarantine separately.
  15. Beach towel clips? Was definitely reserving the clamshell at HMC. Thanks
  16. Sounds like a great Facebook question/suggestion for John Heald. It’s funny that many cruisers decision to continue cruising may come down to the administration of a rapid test that has a retail cost of no more than $20 (got that info from another poster who mentioned the BinaxNow antigen home rapid test available at Sams Club.). Of course Carnival won’t allow self-administration of the test.
  17. In addition to above Bimini question (new port to 99% of Carnival cruisers), any recommendations for shore excursions at these 3 ports is appreciated!
  18. Assuming my insurance covers BOTH, my plan is to go to the local Walgreens (literally walking distance from home) and get a PCR test exactly 72 hours before my cruise. While waiting for results I will have an appointment near the airport (unfortunately no rapid tests near my home) at a CVS that offers the rapid antigen test; will only take the rapid if results from the PCR are not back yet. Worst ethical concern is getting positive rapid and negative PCR. Obviously positive both means I stay home. Sigh Edit to say for the record: I’ve been covid tested twice ever-last December I did have covid. A couple of months later I was mandated by work to get re-tested as I have developed some post-covid lung issues (constant congestion, sinus infection). I think I’m over that health hump for now after 4 doctor’s visits & I do not advocate abusing the testing system.
  19. We flew down to Orlando in March & spent a day at Seaworld (not as good as 1 remember with limited attractions open). Also didn’t rent a car & came out ahead with Uber/Lyft over the sky-high cost of renting. Gotta admit being taxied around makes is more of a vacation than fighting Orlando crazy drivers.
  20. When I was checking out Google images of Bimini, the exact channel cutout was very distinctive. Looks like a pain to back in the ship in that narrow passageway. Edited to show one site that has a great view of the port channel (hopefully allowed here). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.passagemaker.com/.amp/trawler-news/bimini-cruisers-warned-about-new-ocean-pier-and-ferry
  21. I’ve got no skin in the game regarding children but would strongly urge my daughter to NOT bring her unvaccinated kids on a cruise. Bu the way, some of the comments above are way over the top. The kids didn’t have a say in their vaccination status. The parent’s intent (giving their children a nice vacation) is admirable yet not wise considering the many other travel options where risk is reduced.
  22. I booked thru a TA & DID get the email (8/4, 2:38pm CST) for my 9/12 cruise. Might as well assume no rhyme or reason to the notification process.
  23. I was able to do the Fascination 7-day, 5-island cruise before they removed that ship and itinerary. No better Western Hemisphere short cruise than starting in San Juan & traveling to St Thomas, St Maarten, St Kitts, St Lucia and Barbados. We definitely got our money’s worth.
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