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  1. We are going to be on the Bliss to Alaska (hopefully!) in June, and we are doing the The Haven Spa Suite (H9) that has access to the thermal spa rooms which we did when we were on the Getaway...we loved it so we are thinking we will love that on the Bliss as well. It's not on the same floor as the Haven restaurant or bar but that didn't matter to us too much!
  2. that does def sound amazing!!!
  3. RK...that sounds amazing...do you remember the name of the restaurant? I think if we do the Berring Sea Crab Fisherman tour we will have some time left to hopefully have a lunch or shop close to the port...Thinking maybe i can get a few souveniers downtown (small totem poles) if time permits.....
  4. You're right Budget Queen I am all over the place!!! Very indecisve about those two ports.....I do like to hear from those who experienced any of these tours and yes even mostly the positive ones!!!! We do have plenty of time that's for sure, but want to at least be thinking of what is best for us....thx....
  5. Ok, I am certainly getting myself confused here! I guess that's what research is for to narrow down the choices!!! So, I am now thinking in Ketchikan not to do Totem Bright or Saxman...instead it's either going to be The Berring Sea Crab Fisherman tour or one of the Seaplanes to Misty Fjords or the Crab fest....I see what Budget Queen means about that's kind of a pricey plane ride just to get you to the crab fest....or have even thought something simple and fun, the Lumberjack Show and spend sometime looking at the totem poles downtown... Then Juneau we are deciding between the helicopter ride that touches down on the glacier and you do a walkabout for about an hour..seems like a cool tour...Or I'm still interested in the Seaplane flight of the 5 glaciers (no walking on them of course..lol) and the Taku Lodge feast..see great too and you might see a bear or two there... So, I would guess that the Seaplane and Helicopter experiences are different but not sure that I want to do two flights that go to a crab or salmon feast..need to narrown that down!!! The Taku Lodge with the flight and seeiing the glaciers really sounds amazing!!! My husband has been in several helicopter ride with a business associate but never in Alaska and we have never been in a seaplane! Sorry to ramble...but I would appreciate your thoughts and steering me in the right direction!!! Thanks in advance...
  6. Hi there..still looking at options for Ketchikan....still considering the Bering Sea Crab Fisherman's Tour..but the Totem Poles are interesting and wondered if could you visit one of the Native/Totem locations and could that be combined with the George Inlet Crab Fest (love crab!) in some way? We are in Ketchikan from 7am to 3pm in late June. I also saw a Seaplane tour that takes you to the Crab Fest which looked interesting too! Any thoughts on the best way to combine these or other options we should consider? In Juneau we are doing the helicopter tour and glacier walkabout...and in ISP doing the whale watch with Glacier Wind to give you an idea of other excursions we have decided on...It's just Ketchikan that's giving me a bit of a struggle! Thanks in advance for your thoughts... Also just read that Saxman Village are recreations of the older authentic poles? Are the poles in the downtown area or Totem Bright original?
  7. wow Crew News..those are incredible photos!!!! Thanks for your opinions and info..really helpful!!!
  8. rkacruiser...yes, I thank you so much for your opinion!!! Those are exactly what I needed!!!! I certainly didn't mean to cause any squabbles, yikes!!! This is a great forum to help make decisions on which excursions to choose!!! Thanks for the advice, it is appreciate it!
  9. Budget Queen..no time for both darn it!!!! So will have to choose! Which would you go with if you had to pick one? And then maybe save the other for the next Alaska trip!!!
  10. yes, PL1, I believe it is the smaller ship that meets up with Bliss so that looked pretty cool....but the seaplane to the lodge also looked pretty incredible....thanks!
  11. Will be on the Bliss end of June, for Juneau we are down to these two tours...They both look incredible and so not sure which to choose! Has anyone done both or either and have any feedback on the tours? Thanks!
  12. We stayed in the H9 Spa suite on the Getaway..and really loved it and loved having access to the Thermal rooms...plus it is generally one of the cost effective suites in the Haven...will be staying in the same type of Spa suite room on the Bliss next year...for an Alaska cruise, I am thinking the access to the Spa would be awesome! Hoping they don't have issues with the spa area due to the virus situation however...we didn't mind the walk to the Haven area, wasn't that hard to get to. But I can also imagine that being in the Haven proper would have some major convenience factors as well!
  13. BQ and the taxi service is that arranged in advance? Or just when you get into the port?
  14. We don't have that long in Juneau (730a to 130p )which is disappointing but otherwise I really like the itinerary...And so you try to catch the Red Dog Saloon and the Alaska Hotel if time permits?
  15. BQ,,,the trip is next year (hopefully!) June 26th on the Bliss...we do ISP which is where we plan to whale watch with Glacier Winds..so then in Juneua thinking what to do and really considering Mendenhall and the hatchery if that's a good time of year to do that? Or maybe the Mt. Roberts tram excursion might be nice too? Would have thought about Harv and Marv whale excursion, but wanted to break that up a bit since we are doing that in ISP...although I'm sure you can never miss a chance to see more whales!!! Any other suggestions for Juneau?
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