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  1. Thank you. Yes, we got the zippered pouch and contents. But what I was thinking of was this: https://www.myvikingjourney.com/Account/GuestTicketContract The description doesn't say whether those documents are mailed or emailed.
  2. Quick question: tickets are supposed to arrive about 3 weeks before cruise. Are we watching mail for paper tickets or email for electronic ones?
  3. Is there redundancy in the VO fleet, such that they could substitute one ship for another on upcoming cruises?
  4. If they only cancel the next cruise, the Roll Call on this message board indicates they only have 2 weeks to prepare the Sky for subsequent cruise.
  5. Any guess how long it would take to get the Sky ready for another cruise?
  6. We are taking a Viking Ocean cruise in Scandinavia. Wondering... 1. Do you take along your passports on shore excursions or leave them on the ship? 2. Is a neck pouch or money belt recommended for $$, credit cards, etc. 3. If you wear a neck pouch under your clothes, how do access it without having a totally awkward situation in public?
  7. Thank you all for the helpful replies. A few things about my situation: We live in northern Vermont, and there are no large bank branches here. I checked a few Vermont bank websites, and it looks like the ones that have any foreign currency only have Euros, and money for Mexico and Canada. I guess our best bet it to arrive at our first city, Copenhagen, and get money from a bank ATM there. I know that my card has the "Plus" logo on it, but I'm not sure that does any good, as Visa's website mentions fee-free withdrawls only for U.S. ATMs.
  8. Would like to have modest amounts of local currency for Sweden and Denmark. What's the best way/place to convert $25 to $50 of US money? Can it be done by Viking on the ship? Thanks.
  9. We will be there the first week of May, so I guess the summer ferry won’t be an option.
  10. I think I read somewhere that the ship and Skansen are visible from each other.
  11. Update on the heating pad issue: I contacted my travel agent, who contacted Viking. You can get advance permission to take one on board. They note it in your paperwork. I feel better about the long "on foot" excursions I've signed up for.
  12. Thank you all for your helpful replies. My black leather shoes will stay home, as will my torn pants and paint-splattered shirts. I'm going to ask our travel agent about heating pads, but I can get by with a tube of Aspercreme with Lidocaine if necessary. (3.4 oz or less, of course!)
  13. My wife and I are taking the Viking Baltic Sea and Russia cruise in late April. I've learned a lot from books and this board, but I still have random questions. Would appreciate any info! 1. Is it very easy to take public transportation from Viking's Stockholm port to Skansen and back? 2. Regarding footware: For onboard restaurants, we're likely to have most meals at the buffet and one reserved evening at Manfredi's. Definitely not interested in the Chef's Table. Can I get away with new, clean walking shoes, or must I have leather ones for Manfredi's? 3. If I don't buy an international SIM or calling plan, is there someone I can text on the ship if, for example, I can't find my way back from a wi-fi equipped cafe? 4. What happens if a walking shore excursion proves too much? Would I call a taxi, or does Viking have a sag wagon? 5. This seems really trivial, but not so much if you've had a spinal fusion like me: Is it likely that the ship can loan me a heating pad? I know they won't allow one from home. Thank you!
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